Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes

After almost two years of following Weight Watchers and losing over 75 pounds, I’ve stumbled across some delicious recipes that are low in points yet filling. I’m sharing how we can step away from chicken and discover the culinary delight of these Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes.

I mean, we all know skinless, boneless chicken breast is zero points but it can get old really, really fast. Who wants to eat chicken every night of the week? Not me.

We all need some variety in our meal plans so we don’t get bored and decide to eat things that might not be the best choice or us at this point in the journey.

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes

The good thing is, whole turkeys are available year-round in the grocer freezer department and it’s been easy to find an extra lean ground turkey at our local stores.

If you don’t want the hassle of baking up an entire turkey you can usually find frozen or fresh turkey breast as well. I know we generally buy breast only because there’s only two of us here, plus it cooks up a lot faster.

Use this list to find Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes that your family will love.

I’m including the WW points for most of the turkey recipes so you don’t have to calculate and can move on with getting dinner on the table.

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes with Point Calculations

How Many Weight Watchers Points is Sliced Turkey, Ground Turkey, and More?

I know that life happens and sometimes you have to pick and choose what bills to pay (been there, done that!).

However, I really want you to succeed in your weight loss journey so I’m sharing a handful of Weight Watcher Turkey points to help you stay on track.

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but it includes my favorite turkey items and is a good selection of food choices, in my opinion.

Turkey breast – 0 points
Extra-lean ground turkey – 0 points.
Deli sliced turkey – 1 point | 2 ounces: This can vary by brand but this is a general guide)
Turkey pepperoni – 2 points | 15 thin slices: I know a lot of people use this for a snack and why not? 15 slices for 2 points is great, plus I have found that protein helps fill me up.
Turkey bacon – 3 points | 3 slices
Turkey sausage – 3 points | 1 link
Ground turkey – 5 points | 3 ounces
Ground turkey 93% lean – 4 points | 4 ounces

Weight watchers turkey recipes with points

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - From The Oven

turkey sweet potato skillet

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - From The Stovetop

turkey burger

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - Burgers, Pizzas & Sandwiches

Instant Pot Ground Turkey Casserole

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - Instant Pot

turkey soup

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - Soup

snap pea ground turkey stir fry rice bowls

Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes - Round Ups

My Must Have Turkey Recipe Resources

Insta Pot
Indoor Grill/Panini Press
Casserole Dish
Ramakin Dishes
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Cast Iron Skillet
Hot Pads
Dish Towels

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