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18 Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes

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UPDATED: 1-3-23

If you are tired of boneless, skinless chicken breast I have a fun switch for you. I’m sharing 18 Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes that are delicious and include the WW blue points.

There is also an entire section on the blog dedicated to Weight Watchers Turkey Recipes. All my favorite turkey recipes live over there. 

Seriously, when I’m counting points I try to make each and everyone a healthier choice. Turkey and ground turkey is an easy way to reduce my daily point intake.

It works, I lost 75 pounds, it took two years, but I made it happen! I still have 25 to go which is proving to be the hardest to lose. Grrr. 

Perfect for lunch or dinner, make extra for leftovers and enjoy guilt-free meals.

2023 NOTE: I know Weight Watchers/WW has changed their program since I put this list together, but these are all delicious recipes that I used in my weight loss journey. 

You may need to adjust points to fit your program. These are pointed out for the old Freestyle program.

18 Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes

18 Weight Watchers Ground Turkey Recipes

Remember, 99% fat-free ground turkey is zero points! If you use 93% fat-free ground turkey it's still only 4 points per 4 ounces.

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