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10 Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas: 5 WW Blue points or less!

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If you’re on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan I have some delicious and easy Weight Watchers recipes for you. Not only are these lunch ideas delicious they are low in points!

I get 23 points a day and I’ve very, very conservative in how I spend them. I usually like to keep breakfast to 3 points, lunch to 3-4 points and then splurge at dinner.

These Weight Watchers Freestyle lunch ideas all come in at 5 points or less leaving you plenty of points for dinner.

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Why Weight Watchers?

Back in mid-January, I decided I’d had enough of struggling with my weight and feeling bad about myself and joined Weight Watchers.

This wouldn’t be my first rodeo with Weight Watchers, but I really liked the idea of their new Freestyle plan and felt it might actually be a plan that would work.

Does Weight Watchers Freestyle Plan Work?

Ask 100 people you’ll probably get an equal 50/50 split with 50 people saying it works and 50 saying it doesn’t.

However, for me, it works!

It took me two years,  but I lost 75 POUNDS!!! [btw, I use this Nokia Digital Scale to track my weight–its works like a charm!]

That is party-worthy in my world.

I think the difference with the new Weight Watchers Freestyle plan is that I actually EAT instead of starving myself.

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Note: WW has since changed their point program. Please use these ideas as a guide and confirm point use within your chosen program.

10 Freestyle Lunch Ideas: 5 points or less!

Finding low point lunch ideas is always on my to-do list. I’ve rounded up 10 Weight Watchers meals that are low in points and so very tasty.

10 Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas: 5 WW Blue points or less!



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