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A Couple Summer Cocktail Recipes + A Few Entertaining Tips

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Having friends and family over for a visit is a great time for summer entertaining.

In northern Michigan our summers are so short that I pack as many get togethers as I can into the few weeks of summer.

Ok, it’s more like 3 or 4 months of summer, but it goes by so quick it feels like just a couple weeks 😉

There are family cookouts, girlfriend getaways, movie nights, cooking days, wine book club and so many other get togethers.

In between all the get togethers I’m traveling and working.

All the business of summer doesn’t leave a lot of time to plan elaborate parties, but I still want to connect with my family and friends during the best time of year.

#cocktail, cocktail, lipton tea, tea, vodka


A Few Tip for Summer Entertaining

1. Keep it simple. The “it” being everything involved in having a get together–food, drinks, decorations, invites, etc.

2. Don’t worry about having a clean house. Sure, straighten up a bit, but your house doesn’t have to be spotless. Come on, your friends are coming over to see you not your house.

The only room I make sure is spotless is my bathroom–dishes might be in the sink, but my bathroom will be clean 😉

3. Play some background music. Why it is music makes everything better? I like having a little fun, upbeat music going. It just gives a great energy to the house.

4. Make delicious cocktails and/or have refreshing drinks available <<—the best part!

I have been using Lipton Pure Tea to create some delicious cocktails for my friends. Tea is the perfect summer drink so it’s easy to make a cocktail using cold tea as the base.

Since my friend Sara was coming over to cook some Nepal treats with me I decided to try a new cocktail and get her opinion.

The cocktail was so simple and so very good. Sara agreed that it is a nice crisp drink with fruity undertones. This cocktail was a perfect refreshing drink to enjoy in my hot kitchen.


Cosmo-Tea Cocktail


3 oz Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea*
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
1.5 oz Raspberry Vodka


Grab a cocktail shaker an fill with ice.

Add all ingredients.

Shake it up.

Strain over martini glass

Serve and enjoy!

*This would also be awesome if you used Pure Leaf Ice Tea with Raspberry

I’ve also made this super easy cocktail:

Sweet Tea Cocktail


4 oz Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea
1.5 oz Sweet Tea Vodka


Add ice to a rocks glass.

Add all ingredients.


Serve and enjoy!

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  1. Thanks Carolyn. I love cocktails that are quick, easy & delicious!

  2. Carolyn G says:

    Oh yum!! That looks delish. I love iced tea and this is a perfect way to make some cocktails!!

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