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Travel Clothes You’ll Love From prAna

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We love spending time in the great outdoors, but when the cold weather starts to set in I tend to stay inside.

To say I’m not a fan of cold temps is probably an understatement. Dips below 40 and it’s game over for outdoor fun for me.

Alan always tells me I just need to dress for the weather. My response has always been “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to stay warm outside in the cold!!”.

To be fair, I can’t say I tried really hard. As soon as the cold hits me I’m done.

prana travel and outdoor clothing that are perfect for staying home or hitting the road. PLUS prAna offers sustainable clothes to help the environment.
It’s about 38 degrees when we took these photos. Chilly outside but we are plenty snug enough in our prAna sweater and jacket!

However, (don’t tell Alan I said this), I think he’s right for temps that hover around 20 to 40 degrees and prAna helped prove his point. (Note, they sent us two articles of clothing for this review)

Listen, anything under 20 degrees and I’m just going to stand firm in my decision to not play outside UNLESS it’s to see the northern lights or spot polar bears.

Luckily, prAna offers travel clothes that will keep me toasty warm on cold days. Plus, they are fashionable and don’t look like sports clothes which is a huge bonus.

I don’t want to walk around looking like I just left the gym, I want clothes that let me have fun outside but are still nice for sitting down at a casual restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

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prana travel clothes
LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket on Alan. Plus it fits him perfectly.

prAna for Him

I ordered a Pinnacle Jacket in Charcoal, XL for Alan. I was a bit concerned that the sleeves and coat length wouldn’t be long enough. Alan is 6’2″ and sleeves are almost always too short. Color us surprised when he tried it on and it fit perfectly. Plus, it looks really good on him (although I may be a bit partial).

Note: Prana no longer makes the Pinnacle Jacket, but we’d recommend any jackets they currently have on their site.

Alan has worn this a few times and really likes it. He wears a t-shirt under it and the jacket keeps him plenty warm.

IF he needed to work outdoors in colder temps I think a thin thermal shirt instead of a t-shirt would keep him just as warm.

Of course, prAna offers an entire line of men’s clothing so if the Pinnacle jacket isn’t a match for his wardrobe there are a lot of other options.

crestine pullover sweater from prana is perfect for keeping me warm on chilly days
Digging the little details on the prAna clothing like this little metal tag on the back of the sweater.

prAna for Her

I ordered the Crestland Pullover in the Charcoal Heather color in an XL. The sizes, in my opinion, run a bit small. I would normally order a large but after consulting their size guide I decided to go with an XL and I’m glad I did.  An XL fits perfectly.

Note–Again, the Crestland Pullover is no longer in stock, but there are some gorgeous sweater options on their site.

I toss on a tank top underneath and wear just the pullover outside and it keeps me toasty warm while I’m outside. Plus, it has pockets which may be my favorite feature!

The only con to the Crestland Pullover is that it pills very easily. I wore it once noticed pilling on the sleeves. It doesn’t stop me from wearing it, but it’s fair to note that it will take a bit of maintenance.

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prana clothes or the soft adventurer
I wanted to take photos of us someplace really epic in our prAna gear. Sadly, life had other plans so you get us during a visit to my Dads house 🙂

Why we fell in love with prAna clothing

First and foremost, prAna stand by their goods. Don’t love an item? They will gladly refund or exchange it. More importantly, prAna offers sustainable clothing. We think of sustainability when it comes to food and power but when it that last time you thought about sustainable clothing?  prAna says it best:

Ultimately, sustainable clothing respects the planet and its people.

When I purchase a piece of prAna I’m not just buying an article of clothing. I’m investing in the environment and using my dollars towards making changes in the way clothing is made. Now that is a company I can stand behind.

It may be a little thing, but if each of us do the little things together we can do really big things 🙂

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prana travel clothes


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prAna travel clothes


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