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Who doesn’t love a good biscuit?

Well, speaking as a midwesterner, we sure as hell do I can tell you that much.

Little Brown Biscuits from EveryDayCook

It might actually be the only tried and true thing Northerners and Southerners agree upon.

Nothing in my mind even comes close.

Not pop nor soda, not unsweetened tea nor sweet tea, not Hellmans nor Dukes, not civil liberties nor whether or not to control the rights of women…whoops too far, what were we talking about?

Ah yes, biscuits. 

In yet another super approachable daily recipe these biscuits come together quickly and easily with minimal ingredients.

Two types of flour, some lard, and a cast iron pan are the biggest components here. Alton Brown blends AP flour and Whole Wheat flour to bring a little depth of flavor to your average morning biscuit. Not to say that most biscuits or northern biscuits don’t have flavor, just that these go about it in a slightly different manner.

The addition of the Whole Wheat flour lends a surprisingly nutty flavor to these more savory than sweet breakfast biscuits.

They’re light and crumbly, almost flakey with defined layers, and hold their structure quite well. I don’t think they would quite be the star of the show but they would make a very fine addition to any morning meal. 

One small issue I did have with this recipe is that it calls for leaf lard, which I was unable to find myself. The book does however say that traditional lard is an acceptable stand in, which is what I had to use in my making of these biscuits.  

I wish I had more to say about these little biscuits but they really speak for themselves and deserve to be tried to show how they stand up (baking pun intended). Plus I don’t want to fluff this up just for the sake of fluffing it up. 

Head over to Alton Brown to grab the recipe and try these for yourself!

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