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For the uninitiated, Lassi is a yogurt (dahi) based beverage that hails from India. It’s typically yogurt, water, and spices blended together with the addition of fruit being optional.

Weirdly enough this type of drink is pretty widespread around Asian continents but is something that you don’t see too often in the U.S., or at least in the Midwest.

Unless you consider smoothies, which are really not all that different. Though we have a tendency to over sweeten them whereas lassi relies more on the sourness of the yogurt and added salt/spices.

I have never had traditional lassi myself but I have had Yakult which is more or less the Korean version of the same thing. The big difference there being that yakult is much thinner than its Indian counterpart, more like whole milk bordering on heavy cream.

Buttermilk Lassi

With all that in mind, I was very intrigued to see AB’s buttermilk variant of the traditional lassi.

How Does Buttermilk Lassi Taste

There’s really not much to say about this overall. It’s a simple recipe, with simple ingredients, that comes together in minutes.

I actually really liked how this drink came out. I was expecting much more unpleasant flavors considering the straight buttermilk base of this particular beverage. It’s not too often you see someone sucking down straight buttermilk.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never actually seen someone do it; I’ve only heard stories. It’s definitely not something I ever intend on doing.

Is Buttermilk Lassi Hard To Make + My Tweaks

This lassi comes together with a very milkshake-like consistency, which I initially thought was too thick but upon doing some research found that was the norm.

On top of the consistency, it was also extremely rich, too much so for my taste. I ended up thinning it down a bit with some almond milk and actually enjoyed it significantly more after that.

The only other change I made (after trying it in recipe form of course) was to add a little bit of honey.

This helped cut back on the overpowering richness just the right amount.

After my few tweaks I found it much more enjoyable for my palate and could see this being quite refreshing on a warm summer day.

Buttermilk Lassi

One More Thing

One additional note I would add in its original form this recipe says it’s for two.

Given its richness and consistency without any tweaks. I think this would be much better served as a smaller treat for four. 

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