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Always Perfect Oatmeal

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I have always been vehemently opposed to oatmeal.

Not an exaggeration, could never stomach the stuff, was never able to find the appeal.

If you were to ask my fiance, or hell even my kitchen crew, they would be able to quote me on more occasions then they could count comparing the stuff to a bowl of paper mache.

Mushy textureless oats that not too long after their preparation take on the consistency of warm Elmer’s glue.

Usually requiring so much sugar to combat their blandness that you’re better off with a bowl of breakfast cereal.

I could go on but I probably shouldn’t.

always perfect oatmeal

Needless to say, I was not looking forward to testing this recipe.

One recipe into a book I had just made the decision to cook my way through no ifs, ands, or buts and I was already contemplating skipping one.

I didn’t though, I buckled down, bit my tongue, and gave it the ole college try.

always perfect oatmeal EVERYDAYCOOK book

The Secret Ingredient to Always Perfect Oatmeal

This is your pretty stereotypical basic oatmeal recipe with one major difference, the inclusion of quinoa.

It was the one thing that intrigued me just enough to actually give it a shot.

Outside of that its standard oatmeal operating procedure.

Boil your oats and quinoa, let sit for a few, add some fruit if you like, and enjoy (maybe).

Simple enough and next to impossible to mess up.

Did Always Perfect Oatmeal Change My Opinion of Oatmeal?

I actually didn’t mind this oatmeal, the quinoa adds an ever so subtle pop that breaks up the monotony of what is otherwise a bowl of gloop.

This version of oatmeal actually has me considering working it into normal rotation.

Something I don’t say easily and was shocked to realize myself if I’m being perfectly honest.

Though just for personal tastes I would probably work in a tablespoon or two of brown sugar.

The Problem with Always Perfect Oatmeal & How To Fix It

Outside of that the one glaring issue I had with this recipe was the amount of salt called for.

It calls for a whopping 7 grams for what is about a cup and a quarter of dried goods.

I had my suspicions going in but I’m trying to recreate these recipes here.

I had to do it, for science or whatever.

The next time I give these a go I will definitely be starting with 4-5 grams of salt and work up from there.

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