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Van Life: Packing for a weekend on the road

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How you prepare for van life differs slightly from how you qualify for a quick road excursion or a weekend camping. We must pack for the long duration because van living is a lifestyle. When feasible, try to get campervan accessories that serve two purposes. Don’t exaggerate the number of outfits and shoes you’ll require. Don’t carry anything that you use occasionally.

Making natural preparations to move back into a van involves figuring out what to bring. You’ll certainly only have room for the necessities when you pack. What, though, ought to be on the list?

You have no choice but to bring the necessities for van life merely. Minimal space is available when living in a van, making it extremely difficult to organize everything you believe you will require. Overall, avoid bringing anything you won’t need for a weekend on the road.

van camp

If you’re embarking on your second road adventure, abandon everything you didn’t utilize at least a few times initially! So, these are the van life weekend road trip packing list essentials:

1. Toiletry

The most common inquiry about living in a van is, “Where do you shower and use the restroom?” To respond to that inquiry, listed below is everything you should bring for bathing and maintaining cleanliness in a van.

The best toiletry items you should pack for a weekend road trip on a van include a shower curtain, wipes, shower head, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, paste, face wash, deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, hair brush, and moisturizer.

Living in a van may prevent you from having many opportunities for shampooing your hair. Therefore, packing dry shampoo will help make your hair feel rejuvenated, foul smell, and rule out oils. Once you’re done using dry shampoo, apply a leave-in spray for damaged hair.

2. Clothes

Even deciding what to bring for a weekend might be challenging. But how do you choose what to pack for a campervan road journey or van life? You must be ready for all types of the climate. Since you only have a little room, you frequently wash clothes and look for thin, quick-drying layers whenever you can.

You might be shocked by how little apparel you need if all you have is 40 liters of storage space for your clothes! Therefore, you should pack t-shirts, jeans, fleece sweaters, shorts, hiking trousers, a light cardigan, swimwear, sunglasses, gloves, wooly hat, sun hat, scarf, hiking shoes, boots, pajamas, underwear, warm down coat, etc.

3. Paperwork and essentials

You must have a valid license and a vehicle registered in your name in order to get behind the wheel. Most nations demand that registration be done in your name, particularly at the borders. So, remember to carry your passport, ID proof, van’s registration paper & license, and insurance.

4. Roadside emergency kit

Van security is crucial for preventing theft of your investment, residential burglaries, and personal injury. The best treatment is prevention. If your vehicle encounters problems outside of cities and you need help getting roadside help to pull it back.

Therefore, you should perpetually keep an emergency roadside toolkit in your van. Some of a roadside emergency kit’s nifty items include a tire inflator, tire patch kit, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, dash cam, portable alarm, steering lock, tracker, and portable charger.

5. Van kitchen essentials

Maintaining a nutritious diet in a camper van for road trips is considerably more straightforward with a well-stocked kitchen. These requirements for a camper kitchen ensure that you have a good diet and can prepare almost anything. The primary van kitchen essentials to pack for a weekend road trip are saucepans, cutlery, pressure cooker, knives, chopping boards, utensils, corkscrew, plates & bowls, etc.

6. Bedroom essentials

You might have a built-in bed in your campervan for sleeping arrangements. You can quickly change into pajamas and curl up under the sheets without having to set up anything. The nifty bedroom essentials for a van life weekend road trip are blankets, sheets, pillows, window curtains, etc.

7. Travel tech items

Your van life and outdoor excursions may benefit from a few travel tech fundamentals. These gadgets allow you to communicate, get around, record memories, and do things like stream Netflix, host a blog, or write a book. Your primary focus should be the 12v choices of all the campervan battery charging gadgets and cords. Tablet, phone, camera, 12v chargers, laptop, and Kindle are some of the most significant travel tech items to pack for a van life weekend road trip.

Leading a van life is exciting, and you can go anywhere without mulling over the enormous cost as it’s more affordable than renting. So, consider these top 7 packing essentials for a lavish weekend on the road, get around the city, and explore everything the city or country offers. Happy weekend!


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