Alton Brown Blackened Fish Tacos

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To anyone that has been following these I apologize that it has been a little while since I’ve done one of these write-ups.

I was distracted by transitioning to a new job and, if I’m being perfectly honest, a pretty phenomenal string of new video games.

I’m only human after all. Now back to the good stuff.

Alton Brown Blackened Fish Tacos


Growing up in northern Michigan I am no stranger to eating fish. Though, with that said, growing up I was also never the biggest fan.

The major exception to that point would definitely have to have been our yearly family fish fry, after all everything tastes better fried.

Thankfully my palette has changed over the years and I find myself enjoying fish more in the plethora of ways it can be prepared.


One such way is referred to as blackened.

Blackened fish, for those unfamiliar, is a process that involves heavily seasoning fish with a spice blend and then hitting with very high heat preferably over a grill or in a cast iron pan.

This leads to a very flavorful piece of fish that appears black (hence blackened) as a result of the spices charring. 

It’s burning with style.


The Alton Brown version presented here is a fairly typical representation, at least by what I know, but I’ll be the first to remind you I’m a white boy from northern Michigan.

I do not pretend to be an expert on Cajun cuisine, though I do quite enjoy it. With that said there’s nothing wrong with typical or standard if it’s quick, easy, and perfect for a weeknight dinner or early weekend breakfast and this recipe is just that.

It couldn’t be easier to follow or come together quicker. With the addition of the L and T of BCLT, as well as the tangy lime crema, we find ourselves with a well balanced and perfectly light breakfast.

This recipe is also great as a stepping stone. As with any tacos you can replace the L and T with literally anything you desire or simply add more shit.

In mine I replaced the T with a fermented tomato salsa I had just finished a few days prior and they turned out great.


Outside of that my strongest recommendation with this recipe is to use quality ingredients. It’s extremely important in a dish like this where there are so few players coming together for the final product.

Try to source quality catfish where you can not just whatever your closest walmart has in the freezer. As for the tomatoes, the best option would be fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Unfortunately this isn’t always an option as they can be much harder to find out of season.

Standard supermarket tomatoes will suffice but make sure to lightly salt them after slicing or dicing to really help bring out their flavors.

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