5 Reasons To Love The Care Smart Watch

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I’ve been using the Care Smart watch by Verizon for a couple months now and I must say it’s been a fantastic addition to my world.

CareSmart Watch by Verizon with a purple band

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I’m currently a caregiver to one, plus manage my parents finances and household, work part-time, manage a business Facebook page AND run this site.

Needless to say, I need a watch that will keep me organized and on time because life can get a little cray-cray.

This is me…caffeinating up for another busy day. #CrazyHairDontCare

I wanted a watch that offered limited features. Mostly because I don’t need the extra distractions and, quite honestly, I get tired of connecting and figuring out new tech all the time.

New tech is great, but with how my current lifestyle I just don’t have the time or ambition to figure it all out. Enter the Care Smart Watch by Verizon and the 5 reasons I love it.

CareSmart Watch Reminder Alert
My favorite reminder I have set on the Care Smart Watch



This might be one of my favorite things. I can enter any number of reminders from doctor appointments to reminders to move and everything in between.

Some current reminders look like this:

3 a.m. Caregiver: Bathroom Run (Mon-Fri)

7 a.m. Caregiver: Up, ready for day! (Mon-Fri)

12 p.m. – Caregiver: Lunch & Meds (Mon-Fri)

8:30 p.m. – ME: Take some ME time (Sun)

Gotta say, taking the ME time on Sunday night before starting another week of providing almost 24/7 care is exactly what I need.

Care Smartwatch phone numbers


The Care Smart watch, which comes with its own phone number, only allows 10 contacts to be added to the watch. That means the only people that can call me via the watch are the 10 I’ve pre approved and added.

That also means that I can only call those 10.

Again, it keeps me distraction free, but also allows me to call one of my 10 without having to search for my phone that I’m notorious for misplacing. Yes, my phone is one of my 10 numbers so I can call myself and find my phone.

Step Tracking CareSmart
So close to meeting my step goals today. If I had the energy I’d run around and get the rest, but nah…


Some days would go by without me hardly moving at all if it wasn’t for reminders set to my watch to get up and move.

In addition to reminding me to get off my bum it also tracks how many steps I’ve taken. It’s currently set pretty low at 5,000 steps.

Hopefully, I can continue to get that many steps in now that winter is starting to set in and I hate being outside in the cold.

CareSmart Location Tracker
If my contact have the Care Smart app loaded they can track my location. They are able to zoom in for my exact results.


This is a great feature for my family. I’m currently caregiver for my sister that lives 90 miles away. That means every Friday night I drive home and every Sunday night I drive back to her house.

During those drives Alan or my sister can check in and see where I’m at. This will be so important in the winter months when there is snow and ice on the road. If something happens, they will be able to find my location even if I’m not able o call.

My sister should be healed and on her own by end of February…just about the time that winter starts giving us a bit of a break weather wise.

care smart watch affordable
Look at that deal!!!


If you buy a new smartphone this holiday season the Care Smart watch is $100 off. The monthly cellular fee is only $10/month so for $120/year you can enjoy the watch plus give your family peace of mind. PERFECT!

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