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Holiday Gift Ideas For Writers

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When Christmas shopping for a family member or friend, some great holiday gift ideas can be obtained by examining the gift recipient’s profession or interests.

With the popularity of the internet, web writing and blogging are very popular hobbies. While some work as freelance writers on the web on a part-time basis, others work from home as a freelance writer or blogger on a full-time basis. And then there are authors and writers who work in print.

Christmas Gift Ideas To Pamper The Writers In Your Life

Whether the Christmas gift recipient is a web writer, a freelance writer in print or an author, these individuals share one thing in common: it’s likely they sit in front of a computer for hours on end.

This leads to backaches, aching wrists, and sore, tired eyes. A great gift idea is one that involves pampering and relief of these aches and pains.

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Holiday gift ideas to keep away the aches and pains include:

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Practical Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers and Bloggers

There are many great practical Christmas gift ideas that a writer or blogger will enjoy. Presents for the office, home office, and technology-related gifts can save time for the writer while making life at work more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Tea and Coffee Drinking Writer Crowd

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Tech Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers and Bloggers

  •  Voice recognition typing software enables the writer to type by speaking the words, making for faster web writing, blogging, article writing and book writing.
  • Digital camera also makes a great Christmas gift idea for a freelancer or blogger. Many freelancers can improve their work by taking their own photographs.
  • Laptop computer makes a wonderful gift idea for a writer who works on a desktop computer. The ability to write outdoors, at the park, at Starbucks or at various locations in or around the home can make freelance writing and blogging much more enjoyable.

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Gift Cards and Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers and Bloggers

  • A journal that can be used for brainstorming and recording ideas or thoughts. Many writers carry a journal at all times, so a small, durable and attractive notebook makes a great Christmas gift idea.
  • Office and writing supplies like:
  • Gift card to bookstore, Amazon, Starbucks

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