Mother's Day Candy Bar Poem

Mother’s Day Candy Bar Poem

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Mother’s Day will be here soon and children about the U.S. will be scrambling to find the perfect gift for their mom.

Lots of moms appreciate a card from the heart and, well, if it contains chocolate it is win-win.

Mother's Day Candy Bar Poem

Plus, candy bar poems are always fun to make.

It can be challenging to figure out what to write, but once you get started I guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun coming up with line after line for your candy bar poem.

The hardest part will be fitting everything on the card.


When I was in Indianapolis recently I stumbled across a Rocket Fizz store.

You can find just about any candy bar you want at Rocket Fizz. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to gather candy for a Mother’s Day Candy Bar Poem.

If I had been thinking more clearly I would have grabbed some for a Father’s Day card as well.


While I was at the store I, with the help of my sister and Em, wrote a Mother’s Day poem as we wandered around the store.

It was fun to pick up a candy bar and say something like “Make a sentence using Boost…and go!”


Pretty soon we had enough sentences created and fun candy bars to gift to mom.


Back home I covered a foam poster board with brown wrapping paper. You can cover it with any paper you like just make sure that its plain so that the words and candy bars stand out.

I then cut out the letters for the poem using a sizzix machine.

Lord have mercy…that took a bit of time if you have a cricuit machine it will go much, much faster.

I then used a glue stick to glue the words to the board. Stick glue works best for the letters, but you’ll want some heavy-duty tacky tape or glue to stick the candy bars to the board, otherwise, they will fall off.

That’s it. Easy, peasy and mom will love it!

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  1. Love it!!

  2. Too cute, Deb! What an adorably clever idea!

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