Interpreting the dreams: What do they mean

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The proper definition of “dream’ would be – a series of images, correlated thoughts, and sensations during sleep that occurs in a person's mind. Often these dreams have a meaning that most of us fail to comprehend. There is a branch of study that deal with ‘dream interpretation’ – it assigns a meaning to dreams. In ancient societies, like Egypt and Greece, it was believed that if someone is dreaming, he is communicating with the divine intervention in supernatural means and the message can be unravelled by people who have the power to understand dreams. However, today the modern schools of neurobiology and psychology speaks on the meaning and significance of dreams, following the Freudian theory of dreams.

When your unconscious mind is sending you some messages, it usually comes in the form of a dream. Only the experts would be able to analyse the exact meaning of dreams if you can correctly recollect and narrate. However, there are many common dream symbols they follow to indicate what is going on in your subconscious mind-

  • Animals – If you dream of them it denotes that you are feeling associated with the nature and survival. If you see that you are chased by a predator that indicates that you are restraining emotions like anxiety, aggression or fear.
  • Babies – Dreaming of babies denote your desire to have an offspring, or it can also mean that you are feeling vulnerable and need affection. Such dreams also signify a new beginning.
  • Clothes – Of the you might dream of seeing people in shabby clothes, it indicates the deep desire to alter your lifestyle. May be the practical reasons do not allow you, you you are looking for a change!
  • Cross – This is quite a common symbol in dreams and is deeply associated with religious beliefs. It also signifies death, balance, or ending a specific phase of life.
  • Exams – This is again a very common dream that haunts a human mind starting from young age till even old age. It signifies self-evaluation, it means that your personality is being evaluated and your life is under inspection.
  • Falling Off – It can be falling off from bed, stairs, on the ground, etc. but the feeling is one of the commonest dreams that almost everyone sees frequently. It denotes the hidden anxiety of letting go, something we love, it's about losing the control or failing after being very close to success.
  • Faulty machines – If you see broken down machines or difficulty in making a phone call, or class disturbance or a chaos anywhere – it simply represents the state of anxiety in your mind.
  • Food – Dreaming of food denotes gaining knowledge; just like food nourishes the body, the information nourishes your brain.
  • Schools – If you dream of teachers, classes and schools it shows that you are moving ahead towards adulthood and you are trying to understand your inner self. You might take chances, to rectify the flaws by life's own lessons.
  • Sex dreams – Such erotic dreams symbolize the desire for intimacy and sex. Sometimes they can also mean the unification of unaware emotions with a known recognition, directing the awareness for personal growth. If you dream to too much hair, that too symbolises longing for sex.

The explanation for dreams are endless as a human mind is like a blank canvas when one can paint anything in the subconscious state, the colours, the movements, feelings and bits of information can actually give the meaning of a real dream. However, dreams are just dreams and one can only take out a shady resemblance of it with inner thoughts – they are not real. But, if you want to know what your dream actually means, then you can check this YouTube video for more information.

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