5 Ideas For How To Stand Out When Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most common activities in most people’s lives. It is like an unwritten rule that people should travel at least once a year, to take some days off and relax. Some other people tend to have more traveling opportunities.

Traveling is not only about vacations; many people need to travel for work or other reasons. Since some people travel so much, they tend to wear comfortable clothes.

Some other people want to stand out in the crowd and try to wear more eye-catching clothing. It all depends on the personality of the wearer.

5 Ideas For How To Stand Out When Traveling


According to Printful, many people tend to opt for comfortable, customized clothes as it allows them to showcase their personalities. Customization is a big part of many people’s clothing because it is more readily available. Many people can now make their comfortable clothes more stylish from the comfort of their homes.

Using different customization, they can transform a regular piece of clothing into a trendy one. Clothes that are part of fashion trends will always make the wearer stand out and receive compliments.

While traveling, clothes are the first thing that other people notice, so it is normal to have eye-catching clothes. Of course, there are other ways of standing out during traveling, and below is a list of five ideas that will help you be the center of attention.

1.   Clothing That Stands Out

As mentioned above, clothes are the first thing that people see. Having clothes that stand out is not a difficult task because there is such a large variety of clothes from which we can choose. Of course, there are branded clothes, but they don’t work every time because they are so popular that many people already wear them.

That means branded clothes won’t stand out as much since everyone has already seen them.

The best way for clothes to stand out is to customize them and make them unique. The most common type of customization is to have prints on the clothes. Anything you come up with can be printed, and there are almost no limitations.

Printing a nice photo of your pets will surely make you stand out from the crowd. You can have a unique piece of clothing since no one else has the same photos.

2. Hats and Caps

Hats and caps can also attract interest from other people because a unique cap will always stand out in the crowd. In a sea of black caps, a white cap with embroidery will surely make the wearer stand out.

It is not a must to have the hat or cap customized since you can only wear a hat that is not too common, and people will easily notice it.

For example, cosplay hats will catch the eye because not many fans wear cosplay hats in public. Mostly they are worn at conventions and not while traveling.

3. Jewelry

Accessories can help anyone to stand out and make a strong impression. They bring a touch of originality and can be easily combined with different articles of clothing or other accessories.

If people are creative enough, they can make interesting combinations with jewelry and other pieces of clothing so they can stand out easier.

When traveling, most people wear jewelry to look as classy as possible, especially during travels related to business.

Jewelry does not need to be expensive to attract interest. Even cheaper jewelry can do the job if it is unique or interesting. A pair of earrings in the form of butterflies will stand out more than a regular pair of earrings with a diamond.

4. Bag and Handbags

Accessories are not limited to only jewelry. A bag on which something unique is printed will always attract more eyes than a brand bag that can be seen everywhere, especially when traveling.

For example, a customized handbag will make people wonder where they can get one or how they can customize their handbag.

Bags are a must during traveling because you need to carry your stuff, and they will make traveling much more effortless. Plus, a distinctive bag has a lower chance of getting lost or having someone mistake it for theirs.

Thus, having an interesting bag, maybe with many pockets or extra space, will raise interest. People will notice how practical the bag is and will be curious how they can get one for traveling.

5. Shoes

Shoes are necessary so that your feet can have a good rest during travels, but they can also catch the eyes of passers-by. With shoes, it is not difficult to apply the same customization process and make them unique.

With acrylic paint, it is easy to have exciting patterns painted on shoes. A pair of normal white shoes can become a masterpiece if appropriately painted.

Shoes will make people stand out because everyone will check the shoes out if they are one-of-a-kind. You can also customize your shoes in various ways through online printing websites.

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