How To Make A Sparkly Unicorn Shirt

How To Make A Fun Unicorn Shirt For Kids

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My niece has been visiting us for a week of “Camp Thompson” so, of course, we had to make a shirt. After digging through the pile of clothes she brought with her we found a plain black tank top that we could jazz up. It’s moments like these that I love having a Cricut Air 2 machine. We completed this DIY Unicorn shirt in under 30 minutes. Quick and easy and now her shirt has some Unicorn magic.


DIY Unicorn Shirt

First up, you’re going to need a few supplies to make this sparkly Unicorn shirt.

Are you ready to see how easy this Unicorn shirt is to make?

Unicorn shirt

Open Cricut Design Space on your computer.

Click ‘Create New Project’. On the left-hand side of your screen click ‘Set Canvas’. In the upper right of screen search ‘kid’ and select ‘Classic T-Shirts’. On the canvas tab select the appropriate size. The shirt canvas will change to the size selected.

unicorn shirt 3

Next, click ‘insert images’ on left side of the screen. Search ‘unicorn’ and select an image. I recommend selecting an image that is all one color to keep this project simple.

Unicorn shirt

Place the unicorn on the shirt and size appropriately. Click on the image and resize using the double arrow icon on the lower right of the image box. This is where the t-shirt canvas comes in handy. It allows you to see how big you need to cut the Unicorn.

unicorn shirt 2

Next, click on the ‘layers’ tab and then click on the small icon to the right of the image. A new screen will pop up. Be sure to click ‘cut’.

Unicorn Shirt

Load your silver piece of iron-on (shiny side down) to the Cricut machine and set the dial between iron on and cardstock. When it is loaded click the ‘GO’ button on the top of the screen.

Unicorn Shirt

A new screen will open showing where the project will cut out on your mat.

On the left-hand side of the screen be sure to check ‘Mirror Image (for iron-on)’. This flips the project for the cut so that when you iron it on it will be facing the proper way. This is especially important if you do anything with words.


Once it’s all set, click ‘GO’ in the lower right corner. The Cricut symbol on the machine top  will start to flash. Simply push the button and the Unicorn will be cut out within a matter of minutes.

Unicorn Shirt

Once the cut is finished you’ll need to carefully remove the Unicorn from the backing. I used the picker tool and gently lifted the design off the backing paper.

unicorn shirt

Do a quick check to make sure the sizing is good by holding the unicorn up to the shirt. If you are happy with the results it’s time to adhere it to the shirt.

It’s About To Get A Little Hot In Here

Unicorn Shirt

Set your iron to the hottest setting and let it warm up. While the iron is heating up, place a cotton cloth between the front and back of the shirt.

Unicorn Shirt

Place the unicorn on the shirt and then lay a cloth over top. Use the iron to press firmly down on the design until it is completely stuck without any lifting along the edges.

The Unicorn Shirt Takes Her Outfit From Drab to FAB

Unicorn Shirt

The material will be very warm so let it cool before handing back to a very excited child. I’d say the unicorn takes her outfit from drab to FAB.

This entire project took under 30 minutes and the majority of that time was spent setting up the Cricut machine and digging through my box of Cricut supplies looking for iron on paper.

Next, we want to make Jaws and Ghostbuster t-shirts<<—Two of S’s favorite movies.

What are you making with your Cricut?

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