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Once a year I enjoying taking a break from the world and travel someplace where I can just get lost. Last year, I got lost in Costa Rica an amazing country that offers a little bit of every for travelers. From trekking through the clouds in the Cloud Forest of Monte Verde, relaxing at the hot springs in La Fortuna to enjoying one of the many amazing beaches there. By going off the grid I am able to focus on being in the moment and truly experience the destination, people and food.

These are things you might miss if your focus is elsewhere. But this year, I am looking for something a little different and unique, that is how I came across Kalu Yala a small sustainable town in Panama that offers many unique opportunities for travelers and study abroad student.

kala yula

The truth about Kalu Yala is that they can offer something that most international experiences cannot and that is a chance to truly get off the grid and learn about the world around you. They are able to do this by taking a step back and looking at the issues faced in this small part of the world, while helping travelers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Kalu Yala

For travelers, they offer a chance to learn about biology, survival and food offered by the jungle. For students wishing to experience something more they offer a semester of learning for a variety of different programs, while assisting them to help solve Kalu Yala problems within the environment.

Kalu Yala

This is an opportunity for students to really take a look at what they are passionate about and apply them to real world situations. Students who have traveled to Kalu Yala have stated that this is one of the best experiences of their lives and they return home with a new view of the world. Because they not only put the skills they learned in to practice but are able to explore the world around them, as well as getting to know the person they are and who they want to become.  

Kalu Yala
(c)Kalu Yala

Some people might only offer Kalu Yala criticism, but those people, most likely, haven’t ventured there and are not familiar with the student program. Students who leave reviews for Kalu Yala program actually score it a 10/10, noting that it was a once in a lifetime experience and would do it all over again. So the truth about kalu yala is that it is a unique program offering travelers and students the ability to explore the world around them in in more depth.  

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