The Holiday Gift Guide You Need To Find The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List!

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Are you still in search of some last minute gift ideas? No worries, you got your back. We’re sharing our Holiday Gift Guide it has our favorite things for everyone from travelers to dog lovers in an array of price ranges. Hope this helps you check off the rest of the names on your holiday gift buying list.

Holiday Gift Guide

For Those With An Incurable Case of Wanderlust:

Photo of a portable charger.

Portable Phone Charger definitely comes in handy when you travel a lot.

Photo of a sleep mask.

Silk Sleep mask by Blissy. Buy the kit that includes the pillowcase for extra luxury.

Photo of Sloth Travel Slippers with a pouch to carry them in.

Travel Slippers keep your feet clean at your hotel with these cute slippers that come with a case to carry them in!

Photo of a rolling carry on luggage.

Upgrade their luggage with the Away Carry-On. So many travelers I know use this luggage. I’m hoping Santa tucks one under the tree for me.

For Those That Like To Shake It, aka, Home Bartenders:

Photo of 3 Syrups(Old Fashioned, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Pie) From Hipstirs.

Buy some Fun Syrups From Hipstirs to elevate your cocktail game. They have individual Simple Syrups, Simple Syrup Trio Packs, or Mocktail Kits! Y’all have to check out this Stay Puft Before Christmas cocktail recipe we created with Hipstirs!

Photo of a Tiki Bar Mat (purple spider and bar items) from The Black Lagoon Room.
Photo From Black Lagoon Room (Heavy Duty Bar Mat)

Fun Tiki Bar Items (Tiki Mugs, Bar Mat, Cocktail Glasses, Cocktail Shakers, Swizzle Sticks) From Black Lagoon Room

Photo of Death & Co Cocktail Book.

Death & Co Cocktail Book, this cocktail book has so many recipes that it has drinks for everyone. Death & Co also has some cool merch at their online store. This cocktail book is well used in our home.

Photo of a Boston Shaker.

Buy a cocktail shaker I personally like the Boston Shakers like this one shown above.

For The Dog Lovers In Your Life:

Photos From Modern Companion

Buy some cute accessories from Modern Companion, their stuff is so adorable and I have a few of their items for my pups!

Photo of a Cactus Dog Toy.

Bark Box Toys. I love that these are usually 2 toys in 1 its perfect for my pups who destroy toys. If your pets are a super chewers they also have a line of more durable toys.

Photo of custom artwork of two dogs.

Have custom artwork made of their pets. I usually find (local) artists through Instagram. This art was created by Amy Lauren.

Photo of a Furbo Camera.

A Furbo Camera to see what mischievous stuff they get up to during the day when you are not home. Seriously, this is a bit of an investment, but it gives such peace of mind when we’re away from home. Sadly, our one pup is skittish and hates it when we toss treats so we only utilize the camera portion.

Photo of a pet shampoo brush.

Make Bath Time easier with the shampoo brush! Another must. We use this every time we give the dogs a bath.

For Those That Consider Themselves A Chef:

Photo Of a Blue Apron with the cookie monster all over it.
Photo From Hedley & Bennet

hedley & Bennet Aprons, I have their Cookie Monster theme apron and I love it. I like that they have so many designs to choose from you’ll find an apron for everyone.

Photo of ThermoPops.

ThermoPop, I was gifted one of these by my brother a couple years ago and I use it so much at home, it was the perfect gift.

Photo of a Spatula From GIR.

Buy the home chefs some new utensils from GIR.

Photo of Everyday Cookbook By Alton Brow.

Everyday Cookbook By Alton Brown, because an Alton Brown cookbook should be in everyones kitchen or if you’re like us, multiple Alton Brown cookbooks are in our kitchen.

Book Lovers:

Photo of a light purple Ribbed Faux Fur Heated Blanket.

A Heated Blanket is perfect for those who love to snuggle on the couch and read a good book for a while.

Photo of a kindle reader.

Kindle for those who love to read books all the time, make it easier for them to read on the go.

photo of a Remote Control Page Turner for Kindle Reading.

Remote Page Turner makes reading a book easier with this accessory. Seriously, this might be the best invention.

Photo of the inside of a Bookstore.

Find out what genre they enjoy to read and pick out some fun reads for them, you can buy new books from Amazon, buy used from Thriftbooks or shop local bookstores or thrift stores. Shop holiday craft/art markets and find unique bookmarks to include with their book.

For All the Work From Home Peeps:

Photo of a laptop stand.

Laptop Stand perfect to stop the hunchback look. I use it daily and it helps relieve the neck strain.

Coffee Warmer for the desk, don’t let the coffee get cold anymore with these fun options.

Photo of an office chair.

Buy them a larger desk chair so they can criss cross applesauce or allow a large dog to sit on their lap while working (ask me how I know).  

A walking pad for them to walk while working away on their laptop. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work and forget to take that walk. This helps you get some movement during the day.

Find cute Notepad and Pens to put in their stockings because how fun is it to have these on your desk. It might almost make it worth going to work. 🙂

Hopefully this Holiday Gift Guide gives you some great ideas to finish your holiday shopping.

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