What To Know About The Vera Bradley Annual Outlet Sale

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Once a year Vera Bradley takes over the Fort Wayne Coliseum to host their annual Vera Bradley outlet sale. For 5 days shoppers from around the globe will walk past rows and rows of merchandise piled high and and deeply discounted. It is an event that Vera Bradley enthusiasts wait for each year, and you can quickly see why.

The event draws women together for family reunions, girls weekends, and day trips. The energy in the Coliseum is invigorating and inviting, and you can tell that everyone has a great time. Once you attend this event, you may be hooked for life and start planning your visit for next year.

The Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is a ticked event for the first 3 days. Guests can choose which time they would like to attend they have 3 sessions each day for a 3 hour shopping time. The last 2 days require No Tickets, but some of the hottest items may have sold out by then.

I went to the sale on the first day and here is some info to help you shop with ease!


Finding parking is easy just follow the designated signs before you enter the parking lot there is an $8 fee for cars. There is plenty of parking but if someone in your group has challenges walking, it would be best to drop them off at the front of the building, because there may be a bit of walking involved.

Waiting To Get Inside

The line to get inside might look intimidating but it goes quickly. When I got to the line it was wrapped around the corner of the building and to get into the room with all the items took about 15 minutes.


Once you are in the main set of doors you’ll find a table with a map of the floor and what they will have. The map will also have a guide for the discounted prices. Before the next set of doors you go through there will be people scanning your tickets.

Once they are scanned you’ll walk in to this big waiting room. Today, we fortunately didn’t have to wait in any lines there and just walked right into the Sale in the next room! Before you start shopping there is a spot to grab bags to put your items in that you want to purchase as well as more maps if you missed them.


Lets begin with don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed!! I was a little worried because I am not a fan of big crowds and I did not want to feel stressed out while shopping. It looks crazy in there but I had no issues looking at all the tables. I also felt that they have enough inventory of everything! So you wont have to rush to find that one item, there’s a good chance it wont sell out right away.

There is a customer service area in the middle of the shopping floor. Also at some of the ends of the rows there are price checks for the items you’re not sure about.

Checking Out

Once again, you start zig and zaging to check out but the people working the registers were working so fast so the line moved quickly! A fun tip: Teachers, Healthcare, First Responders, and Military get an extra 10% off their purchase.


1. Wear comfortable shoes!

There will be a fair amount of standing and walking around. Comfy shoes are a must.

2. Have a plan or Don’t!

Make a list of what you want to buy, because the size of the event, it could become overwhelming to some. Or do like me and have no plan or expectations and ended up buying a dog bed and a Star Wars Cooler!

3. Grab a Sales Floor Map.

While waiting in line to enter the sale look over the sales floor map (handed out at event) to get an idea of where everything is located.

4. Drinks & Snacks

Inside they have a couple vending machines for drinks as well as a mini convent store that you can purchase drinks (even beer, and hard seltzers), and snacks they had a variety of chips,fruit cups, yogurt parfaits and more. They also had a roasted nuts booth and a cookie booth.

5. Have fun!!

This is an event to be enjoyed and have fun at. There is table after table of Vera Bradley products waiting to go home with you.

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