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Upcycle A Water Bottle Into The Perfect Hostess Holiday Gift

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I am always looking for fun and easy DIY Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas. This project takes an everyday water bottle and upcycles it into the perfect gift that can be made in under 15 minutes. 

Check out our tutorial below and make your own!

Check out one of our favorite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas using an upcycled water bottle! Such a unique, inexpensive, and great gift idea to make in minutes!

Most people are aware that single serve water bottles have had a significant impact on the environment.

The manufacturing process of making the plastic bottles plus the bottle itself landing, most times, in a landfill has not been a good thing, in my opinion.

christmas gift idea

I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to buying single serve water bottles. It’s easy to grab a bottle of water when I’m traveling and I prefer it over other single serve drinks.  

christmas gift idea

I try to recycle my water bottles either through my local recycle program or use them to create fun Christmas gifts.  I made this Hyacinth vase with a few items I had laying around the house.

Also, this is a great time to start Hyacinths for the holidays.

They make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, party hostesses and all the other people you’d like to remember during the Christmas season.

How To Upcycle A Water Bottle 

Supplies Needed:

Empty Water Bottle

Sock or fabric or ribbon, whatever you can upcycle/recycle from your craft stash


Hyacinth Bulb 

Glue(optional) but recommended

christmas gift idea

Upcycle A Water Bottle Directions

Simply cut off the very top of the bottle where the green cap screws on and then measure about three inches down the bottle and cut that part off.

christmas gift idea

Invert the three inch part you cut off and place inside the bottom part of the bottle. Grab a sock–ok, time to get real here, you can either buy new socks at the store (check the Dollar Store) or dig through the never ending pile of mismatched socks, pick one that looks great (as in spotless clean and without holes) and use it to cover the water bottle.(optional glue the sock in place)

Secure ribbon and greenery around the bottle, add some water to the bottle, and then place the Hyacinth bulb in the bottle.  This is one of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas I’ve come up with, and I am proud to share it with you!

christmas gift idea

And done and you’ve saved a water bottle from going to the landfill AND you’ve reduced the chaos of the missing sock pile.

How cute is this gift? By the time the holidays are here there should be a very pretty Hyacinth starting to bloom in the recycled vase.

Check out one of our favorite DIY Christmas Gift Ideas using an upcycled water bottle! Such a unique, inexpensive, and great gift idea to make in minutes!

If you are looking for DIY Christmas gift ideas, look no further.  This super easy and fun idea is perfect for gifting to friends and family!

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