Life Lessons We Can Learn From Coco

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Coco, the story of a little boy visiting the Land of the Dead, is an enchanting and beautiful story created by Disney/Pixar.

Pixar has outdone themselves this time.

From the set to the dialog, to the music the movie is one that engages the viewer from the opening scene at a cemetery to the closing credits.

Coco is the story of a family of shoemakers who long ago banned any and all music. This is unfortunate for the young Miguel who has big dreams of being a famous musician like the town legend, Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel meets serious resistance from his family and in his efforts to prove his talents he finds himself in the Land of the Dead.

Here, he meets a colorful array of characters, including the charming Hector.

Together the two take a journey that unlocks the true story behind Miguel’s family history and the musical ban. The movie really makes you think about what part of your ancestors you’d see in yourself if you had the opportunity to meet them.

“We are all part of a family. Those relationships are beautiful and complicated. But our family shapes who we are, which made us wonder—if you had an opportunity to meet your ancestors, what would you recognize in them that you see in yourself?”–co-director and screenwriter Adrian Molina


The writers have woven life lessons throughout the story. These lessons are often easily forgotten in the chaos of the world but Disney/Pixar gently reminds us to remember the important things.



Follow your dreams

Miguel simply wanted to play music but his family was absolutely not accepting of his dreams. Miguel worked to find a way to get them to listen and understand.


I think most miscommunications and misunderstandings come from simply not shutting our mouths and listening. Don’t close off your heart and mind so much that you won’t listen to what someone has to say.

It’s Never too Late to Forgive

This is a tough one, but sometimes when we listen we find it in ourselves to forgive. Letting go and forgiving can actually be healthy for you.

Family is Forever

The main thread throughout the movie is the importance of family. If we are lucky enough to have a family that loves and cares for us we should return that love to them and never forget them even after they pass to the other side.



  • The Land of the Dead is an ethereal and colorful place where families live together in ever-expanding houses.
  • Miguel’s dog, Dante, is an adorable co-star and is maybe my favorite character in the entire movie.
  • I love the idea of ofrendas, altars set up to honor the dead during the Day of the Dead celebration.

This is an absolutely wonderful story of family, love and forgiveness. Perfect for all ages.


life lessons from coco


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