Recycled Bird Feeder

Beer Bottle Bird Feeder DIY

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Hey, don’t toss those empty beer bottles, instead make a beer bottle bird feeder with these easy steps!

I love the color and design of this Michelob bottle so I had Alan convert it into a bird feeder for our backyard.

I need to add some red ribbon to it to attract birds, but besides that, I really like how the beer bottle bird feeder turned out.

There are more tips on how to attract birds to your yard at the end of this article.


Using your glass cutting drill bit cut two or three holes at the bottom of the beer bottle.

Michelob Bird Feeder DIY

Then, find a saucer that is bigger than the bottle bottom and, using epoxy, adhere the bottle to the saucer. I found the saucer at our local Walmart, but anywhere that sells gardening supplies will, most likely, have a saucer you can use.

Michelob Bird Feeder DIY

Michelob Bird Feeder DIY
Michelob Bird Feeder DIY

Use baling wire, or any other easy to bend wire, wrap the top of the bottle with wire and create a hanger.

Fill with bird feed of choice and you are done.

Hang in nearest tree and enjoy bird watching all summer long.

More Ways To Attract Birds To Your Yard

Plant Native Flowers and Shrubs

By planting a variety of native flowers you will attract different species of birds to your yard.

Provide a Water Source

Install a bird bath or a shallow dish of water. Change the water regularly and keep it clean. If you can install a small fountain with moving water you’ll have to change it less.

Offer Bird Houses/Nesting Boxes

Bird houses and nesting boxes to provide a safe place for birds. Place the boxes in a sheltered location away from predators.

Limit Pesticide Use

Pesticides can harm birds and other wildlife. Limit the use of pesticides in your yard, and opt for natural pest control methods.

Create a Natural Habitat

Create a natural habitat by leaving some areas of your yard in a more natural state. This will provide cover and shelter for birds and other wildlife.

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  1. Very cool idea. I bet it would look great to use one of my red or blue wine bottles as well. Thanks for the idea, Deb! You are a genius!

  2. This is pretty cool! I went looking for more Michelob Ultra Light Cider at my grocery store today…and they don’t carry it yet! 🙁

  3. Hmmm. I wonder if Hubs has a glass cutting drill bit. He should with all the those tools! Neat project. Thanks for sharing!

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