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Why You Should Go to College in Seattle

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Here, we look at the fantastic benefits of studying in Seattle & what the city offers. If you’re undecided, this is sure to make up your mind.

Studying in Seattle

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Seattle has a staggering number of professional prospects, particularly in the tech sector.

Due to its strong job market and reputation as a tech hub, Seattle frequently ranks among the top 10 cities nationwide for jobs.

Moreover, Seattle is one of the top places in America for tech jobs in particular, given the concentration of some of the largest tech companies (in the entire globe) within Seattle’s municipal limits.

This makes studying in Seattle very attractive, as many of these companies look to local colleges and universities to fill vacant roles.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why many consider Seattle the best place to further their education.

Seattle residents who search online for “apartments near me for rent” will not be surprised to discover that many are aimed specifically at students.

Seattle is one of the top 10 college towns in the country, with eight colleges and universities, each with several highly regarded programs.

Here are three of the best colleges, along with what makes them a great place to study and what the surrounding area has to offer.

3 of the Best Colleges

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University of Washington

The University of Washington is a public institution that was founded in 1861. There are 36,206 undergraduate students enrolled in total, the campus is 634 acres in size, and the location is metropolitan.

One of the first public colleges on the West Coast, the University of Washington, is north of Seattle’s city center.

It is also a cutting-edge research facility that receives sizable federal money yearly and holds an annual undergraduate research conference where students can showcase their projects to the public.

The university, a commuter school, does not mandate that first-year students live on campus.

If you choose to live off campus, luckily, you will have many affordable options, such as Greta Apartments.

Greta Apartments are ideal for the contemporary student lifestyle. Each apartment is a roomy, fashionable studio with all the conveniences you might want for an enjoyable stay.

The finest materials, eco-friendly appliances, and breathtaking mountain vistas are found in the apartments.

In addition, Greta Apartments provides lightning-fast internet access for students who need to stay connected, guaranteeing that you can always keep up with your studies and social life.

You’ll also have quick access to all the tools you need to achieve academically because of the proximity to the University of Washington.

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University, a liberal arts college connected to the Free Methodist Church, was established in 1891. 

The main campus spans 43 acres and is in Fremont, four miles outside the city center. The institution contains health sciences, economics, psychology, education, and theology departments in addition to its college of arts and sciences.

There are 57 minors and 65 majors in total. The university’s emblematic clock tower distinguishes Demaray Hall, the primary academic administration structure.

The theology department is housed at Alexander Hall, the campus’s oldest building.

And again, if on-campus living isn’t for you, you could try urban, off-campus living. Efficiency studios are available at Kulle Urban Living, with spaces ranging from 156-310 square feet. It is close to all that Capitol Hill offers, including Pike’s Place Market, Downtown Seattle, and South Lake Union.

In addition, the Light Rail Station, with quick access to SR-520, I-5, and I-90, is only a five-minute walk away. Each apartment features a full private bathroom, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a rooftop terrace with breathtaking city views.

Also, Kulle has a sizable community room and shared kitchens on the first and fourth floors for those looking for a co-living community.

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Seattle University

Seattle University, a medium-sized, four-year private institution with undergraduate and graduate programs, is in Seattle, Washington.

The Roman Catholic religion is associated with the school. In the most recent statistics year, 7,012 out of 8,539 applicants for admission were accepted.

994 of those that were accepted enrolled in the institution. 1,465 students attend part-time, while 5,803 enroll full-time.

Without regard to room and board, the cost of in-state tuition for 2021–2022 is $48,510 plus $825 in fees.

In terms of accommodation, one of your best options would be Coda Apartments.

Coda is the ideal option if you’re seeking a modern, urban apartment in the center of North Seattle, with a great location and a vibrant neighborhood.

This bustling district has a southern view of the city skyline. While still being close to almost everything, it’s a secure haven to rest and regenerate.

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