15 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

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Gingerbread houses are a tradition for many families, but did you know the history of Gingerbread Houses has been traced back to the 10th century?

Throughout the years the act of making gingerbread houses has evolved into an art form.

I have found 15 amazing specimens to share with you to inspire your creativity and help get you in the mood for the holidays.

This gingerbread house is beautiful, it reminds me of a doll house.

I love this Japanese style gingerbread house. It is unique and very creative.

The roof made of pecans is brilliant! I love the addition of icicles too!

The Best in Show title couldn’t have gone to a better entry. This gingerbread house is nothing short of fantastic.

There is something beautiful in the simplicity of this gingerbread house.

If you are looking for a very personal gingerbread house, you can order one like this and awe your holiday guests.

This gingerbread house is spectacular. I love the addition of topiary bears!

If you love Star Wars, you will love this Atat style creation.

This gingerbread church is gorgeous! Definitely worthy of being entered in a competition for the title of the best gingerbread house.

This gingerbread house has a fairy tale feel to it.

The creative roof of pretzels adds a certain charm to this gingerbread house.

Mini gingerbread houses to top cupcakes? What will they think of next?

This one is festive and pretty too! Wouldn’t this be a great addition to your holiday decor?

Imagine the time that went into making this life sized gingerbread house.

I love this A Frame style gingerbread house! How creative!

Do you make a gingerbread house for the holidays? If so, please tell me about it in a comment. If not, I hope this post inspires you to start a new tradition with your family.

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