Lavender Haze – Our Version

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After receiving a bottle of Hipstirs Lavender Haze syrup I was immediately overwhelmed with cocktail ideas…in name only.

Given that the color of the syrup is a beautiful dark purple (in the bottle) my initial thoughts were to make something that riff’d on either the iconic Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze” or the equally iconic Prince song “Purple Rain”. Third place would have been Deep Purple…Really original ideas, what can I say? 

Swiftie Lavender Haze Cocktail recipe.

With classic rock in my heart I sat down to begin researching what I could do for this cocktail…only to be met on my FIRST search with the knowledge that the name Lavender Haze has already been commandeered by Swifties in the cocktail community.

And with that I bowed my head, lowered my devil horns, and began searching for the nearest star football player.

The Lavender Haze is a gin based cocktail using Empress 1908, a gin renowned for its vibrant blue color derived from butterfly pea blossom that undergoes a chemical reaction and changes to a purple hue with the introduction of acid, that was served at various Era Tours locations.

Maybe it was all the locations, maybe it was at a pre-party or something, I’m not gonna lie to ya I don’t know anything about that tour.

Anywho,  given that I now had a bottle of purple simple syrup sitting in front of me I set out to see what we could do without our hands being tied to an extremely specific bottle of gin.

After comparing various recipes online that all claimed they were “The” Eras Tour Recipe (though all different) I set out on drinking heavily…I mean recipe testing and developing…really though how’d you think this works?

And eventually settled on “Our Version”..

Now I will admit while this drink does lack the truly stunning purple produced with the traditional Empress Gin it makes up for it by allowing you to use whatever your personal favorite gin happens to be, as well as, still providing some purple hue in the drink.

In my case, my gin of choice was Rock Rose (not to be confused with the dwarven metal band Wind Rose), a delicious navy strength (read overproofed) gin. Which has great flavor but also provides an extra kick while sipping on a lavender cocktail.

Lavender Haze (Our Version) Recipe


1 ½ oz Gin (Rock Rose)

½ oz Velvet Falernum

1 oz Hipstirs Lavender Haze syrup

4 oz Lemonade


  1. In a shaker combine the gin, falernum, and syrup. Add some ice and shake for 10-15 seconds to chill/combine.
  2. Single strain into an ice filled glass and top with lemonade.
  3. Throw a straw in it and enjoy.

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