Reno, Nevada pinned on a map.

Holiday Activities in the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno

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Reno is the capital city of the state of Nevada that never fails to impress visitors from all over the globe. It is indeed the biggest little city in the world as its nickname would suggest.

Thus, it is a destination that wonderfully mixes the excitement of the bustling casino scene with the calmness of its attractive ambiance.

This marvelous location also offers a lot of holiday fun and exciting activities for business or leisure. Winter or snow activities are likewise offered for tourists to make the occasion even more memorable. 

Reno, Nevada pinned on a map.

You can rent a car in Reno, NV to drive conveniently to a location of your choice with ease. Explore the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe or the Sierra Nevada Mountains if you like. Better yet, get drawn to the flashy casino lights within the city.

Exploring the biggest little city in a more convenient way

If you are going to explore the city for the first time, you might want to pick a mode of transport that will suit you best. Here are a number of options for you to consider to make your travel even more convenient.

  • Rental cars. This can give you flexibility as it enables you to explore both the city and its surrounding attractions without having to rush. This is a great way if you are planning to explore the city limits such as going to places like the Pyramid Lake or Lake Tahoe.
  • Public transport. There are public buses that operate within the city of Reno which can also be a cost-effective option for tourists. If you want to get around the city and its nearby locations, as well as routes to popular destinations, this is a good choice.
  • Car services and tours. You might want to consider hiring this type of transportation when going on a guided tour. Guests will be accompanied by a local guide to show the major destinations and attractions.

With that said, it is important that you select the mode of transport that will align with your preferences. You can check the areas you are planning to explore and see if your chosen mode of transport will match that of your itinerary.

Top holiday activities you can enjoy in Reno

The holiday season makes your visit to Reno, Nevada even more fun and full of excitement. That is because you can get to enjoy a variety of winter and snow activities which makes the place an ideal destination for tourists during the winter.

  • Snowmobile adventures. If you are going to visit the Lake Tahoe area, you will get the chance to ride a snowmobile in its surrounding mountains. There are guided snowmobile tours that will offer an exciting way to explore the snowy surroundings while taking pictures of the panoramic views offered by the Sierra Nevada.
  • Cross-country skiing. This is another activity that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the Lake Tahoe region. You can explore the North Tahoe Regional Park and the Tahoe cross country ski area for cross-country skiing adventure. This will offer you some scenic routes across the pine forests and snowy meadows.
  • Sleigh riding activity. You may also get the opportunity to try sleigh riding within the snowy areas of Reno. Within this activity, you may ride a sleigh drawn by horses which gives you a cozy and festive experience of the winter scenery.
  • Ice skating activity. The winter months make it possible for outdoor ice skating activities for friends and family. There are a number locations around the Lake Tahoe area for ice skating, such as the Village at Northstar and Heavenly Village. These are famous spots for ice skating in the area being surrounded by the charm of the mountains.
  • Scenic driving experience. Of course, you should know that you can still enjoy the winter wonderland just by staying at the comfort of your car. Taking scenic drives can be done around Lake Tahoe where you can see snow-covered mountains and the sparkling lake during the winter.

There are more holiday activities that you can enjoy when visiting the biggest little city in the world. You can plan your visit this holiday season and talk to a reliable travel agent to find out how you can get cheap rental cars services during your stay.

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