This Winter Cranberry Cocktail Is An Excellent Party Drink

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Dylan and Emma collabed again for this Winter Cranberry Cocktail recipe and I’m not mad about it. If you missed their first cocktail collab be sure to check out The Perfect Party Cocktail – Stay Puft Before Christmas.

This is a pretty straight forward recipe thats’ a fun holiday twist between a gin gimlit and a nordic summer.

They’re using Hipstirs craft cocktail syrups to add a punch of flavor to the drink.

I think you’re going to love it. Head over to your cocktail cabinet, grab the required ingredients and get ready to toast the holidays.

Note, this recipe is easy to make for a party or even make in advance. When you greet your guests at the door, trade them a drink for their coat and they’ll instantly be in the holiday spirit.

Winter Cranberry Cocktail Recipe

Recipe by  Dylan Thompson
Photos by Emma Thompson

Winter Cranberry Cocktail Ingredients

2 oz Aquavit (Personal Favorite is Norden)
.5 oz Aperol 
1/2 – 3/4 oz Hipstirs Cranberry Syrup
1/2 oz Lime Juice, fresh squeezed

Winter Cranberry Cocktail Directions

Pretty straightforward classic style cocktail here. Combine all your ingredients into your shaker, add ice, slap the top on, and shake the everliving crap out of it.

Double strain into a coupe glass or your nearest solo cup because f*ck it, it’s the holiday’s and caring’s for New Years resolutions.

This drink was inspired by/is a cross between a classic Gin Gimlet and a “new to me” cocktail called a Nordic Summer. Both of which are very good drinks in their own rights but needed a little Christmas pizazz for no other reason than because why not.

If you can’t find, or don’t like, aquavit you can use these exact same ratios but sub your favorite gin (I’m partial to Beefeater 24). If you don’t like gin why are you still reading this? Anyway, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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