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Essential Content Creation Equipment Every Travel Blogger Needs

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If you have decided to start blogging about your exciting travel adventures, you will quickly learn that investing in the right tools and equipment is non-negotiable. As Google further emphasizes the importance of authentic non-stock visuals on their platform, capturing your own photos and videos has become a necessity.

While the internet is filled with a plethora of informative and helpful information, if you are still trying to decide the best equipment to invest in, head to your local camera store and speak to the experts who can offer further insight.

Content Creation Equipment Every Travel Blogger Needs in Their Gear Bag

Hand holding a Nikon camera over water.
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A Camera to Fit Your Needs

Photography is an essential part of any travel blogger. Capturing fantastic photos can inspire your readers to pack their bags and head off on their own dream adventures. Therefore, starting with a camera that fits your unique needs is vital.

Not every model is made with the same capabilities or built-in features, but choosing a model that you can adequately understand and operate is crucial to taking your best shots.

While it may be tempting to dive headfirst into the best camera on the market, it is important to note that the more hi-tech a camera becomes, the more complicated it is to operate.

Selecting a model with seemingly endless features can offer you the best versatility, but these added benefits are quickly lost if you are incapable of understanding or using them.

Furthermore, you need to consider how you want to use your camera while traveling. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the water, for example, you will need a durable and waterproof action camera to capture your shots safely and effectively.

The Perfect Tripod

If there is one piece of camera equipment that can take your travel photography to the next level, it is a tripod. It is one of the best additions you can have available to you. It is ideal to use when capturing long-contrast images or to maintain balance for the perfect shot. It can also help you shoot from different angles with more clarity and precision.

Because you will need to carry it around with you, bear in mind the weight of the tripod you select. Opt for a feather-light model that is created to be lightweight without compromising on stability, strength, and length at full extension. Properly research your potential options and read customer reviews before settling on your final choice.

High-Quality Microphone

Depending on what kind of travel content you take, a high-quality microphone capable of capturing crisp audio is an essential addition to your pack. A wireless, clip-on model will offer the best versatility to transmit crystal-clear audio to the camera’s receiver.

Additionally, look for an option that has built-in omnidirectional condenser capsules to further guarantee the cleanest audio.

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External Hard Drive & SD Cards

The last thing you want to do is run out of space while capturing your dream content. To avoid this unnecessary hassle, stay well-stocked with high-quality and durable SD cards.

Many top brands offer memory cards specifically made to handle the elements of nature, with dustproof, waterproof, and bend-resistant qualities.

Furthermore, an external hard drive or two will ensure you are never at risk of losing your photos or videos should your equipment be stolen or damaged in any way. If your hard drive will be in the safety of your home, your options are endless when selecting the perfect one.

However, if you plan to travel with it, choosing something that is durable, weather-resistant, and drop-resistant will give you peace of mind on rough trips.

All-In-One Backpack

When heading off on your travels, a blogger backpack to hold your valuable equipment is a must. There are many good quality backpacks on the market from which to choose, but if you are unsure where to begin, there are certain qualities worth looking for.

Choose an option that is created to carry a reasonably large capacity but has added features like padded shoulder straps and hip straps to ensure comfort. Waterproof materials, tamper-free zips, and a sturdy build will protect your gear from harsh weather while maintaining relatively easy access when you need your camera.


While a drone is not strictly a necessity for travel bloggers, having the ability to take extraordinary aerial shots can be the extra-special edge your blog or vlog needs.

They are a costly investment and require time to learn and use properly, but the photographic payoff that can only be achieved by using one more than justifies the price tag.

While your ultimate choice largely depends on your financial restrictions, choose a model with multiple cameras to maximize the versatility and image quality of your content.

It is important to note that many countries have laws surrounding the use of drones, categorizing them based on size and use. Ensure you are well-informed about any possible restrictions before setting flight.

Camera on tripod with sunset in background
Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may not be at the top of your priority list, but having proper coverage before you head off is extremely important. Predicting what may happen while traveling is impossible, and having the necessary insurance to cover loss, theft, or damage can save you thousands of dollars.

To find the best coverage for your unique needs, evaluate and compare two or three different services to find one that will cover you in multiple destinations worldwide and has extended coverage for your general luggage and belongings.


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