Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Life in the Fast Lane

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Sliding down into my seat I move my arms out of the way so the two guys standing over me can make sure the seat belt harness is secure. Two thumbs up and a thump on the fender and we start to accelerate. The Indianapolis 500 car makes its way around the track and I’m having one of those moments where I can’t believe I am actually on one of the most famous racetracks in motorsports. In my opinion, the car goes way too slow and banks way too low, but that just gives me time to enjoy this feeling a little longer. One lap is all I’ve signed on for and I’m going to enjoy every single minute. My entire visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway gives me experience after experience that goes by way too quickly, but I fully embrace each one while in the moment.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the more popular attractions in Indianapolis with May having an explosion of visitors for the famous Indy 500 race. Located near downtown the speedway offers visitors a glimpse into the history of the speedway as well as the opportunity to take a lap or two on the asphalt, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many visitors. During race season thousands of people descend on the speedway grounds, but during non race days you have a great opportunity to explore without the crowds.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The Hall of Fame museum showcases race cars from a variety of series including Indy, NASCAR, Formula One, motorcycle and drag. In addition you’ll find a number of passenger cars that have ties to racing like Ferrari, Mercedes, Marmon, Stutz, and more. The Hall of Fame does a great job of showing off some beautiful cars as well as sharing the history of racing. The museum is set in the speedway’s oval giving visitors a great view of the museum, a stunning building, as they drive under the speedway and up to the museum.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Yard of Bricks

Climbing over the short barrier wall I find myself standing on hallowed ground also known as the Yard of Bricks. This might be even more awe inspiring then the spin around the track. This, this is where history has been made in motorsports. This 36-inch strip of bricks is the only remaining brick from the original track and is the start/finish line for races. More importantly I’m standing on the spot where careers have been made and broken. If you close your eyes, just for a moment, you might be able to hear the roar of the crowds and feel the energy pouring through the speedway as cars make lap after lap. Bottom line, an incredible experience.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tours

Tours are open to the public so that you can have an authentic speedway experience as well. Visitors can choose to drive a Verizon Indy Car Series car around the track while following a lead car. Not sure about driving your own car, but still want a great experience? Elect to tag along in the two-seater car and let a pro drive you around the track in a Verizon Indy Car built for two. After experiencing the thrill of a ride on the Indy Speedway join a Ground Tour and see more of the Speedway including a stop at the Yard of Bricks, guided tour through the museum, you’ll also get a behind the scenes peek at the timing-and-scoring suite in the Pagoda, the Media Center, Victory Podium, Gasoline Alley garages, and one of the typical hospitality suites.

I hope you have the opportunity to experience the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for yourself. Even if you aren’t a fan of motorsports the Speedway is a worthwhile stop during a visit to Indianapolis.

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