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Tips for Making a Perfect Travel Video

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Wanderlust runs strong in some people. While many people can give in to this passion, there are also those who cannot. For them, watching travel videos is a means of catharsis.

They love to spend their days watching different people explore all the nooks and crannies of the globe.

Obviously, they cannot experience things the way the actual traveler would, but a perfect travel video can bring them a lot closer to the whole experience.

This is why travelers who document their journeys should do the video justice to show the world what they see as accurately as possible. If you want to take up the task of making travel videos, here are some tips that can come in handy.

How to create a video pexels-lina-kivaka-2253917
Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Tip #1 Learn From The Best

Traveling is a shared passion, and many people feature their travels creatively on different forums. If you have a passion for making travel videos, you need to see how other people are doing it.

Since it is a common passion, you will find many examples to learn from.

It would be best to make a list of all the travel vloggers and study how they mastered their craft.

Consider focusing on each of their videos and see how they choose music, camera angles, and the variety they bring to their videos. Inspiration is essential to jolt your creativity.

Vimeo is a platform that offers the most innovative videos for you to take inspiration from. Not only will you find creatively shot videos, but you will also get additional information about the gear the video makers use and their preferred video editing software.  

Tip #2 Don’t Limit Your Shooting

There is no such thing as enough material. If you have the chance to shoot, use that chance and collect as much footage as you possibly can.

Every quirky thing you find during your travels should be recorded on film to ensure you do not miss out on anything when viewing your recorded footage.

A common mistake many videographers make is that they don’t take shots of small things. Instead, they focus on the bigger picture, which is   not wrong, but it is not the only thing one should resort to.

However, when you are all set to edit your video, you may find spaces where entering some footage would add more oomph to the video.

Therefore, it would be best to keep your gear on you at all times and take as many pictures as possible. You can also make short, awkwardly shot videos and extract useful content later on.

Remember, no shot is useless as long as you find its best use.

Tip #3 Remember That You Are Telling A Story

Making a travel video is like telling a tale of wonder. Your audience came to you looking for a story, so you must give them, what they want.

It is not easy to come with a story when your travels are more spontaneous than planned. Even if you do plan them, there might be no story to cover.

To combat this issue, you must come up with a story by piecing all various elements together. Study all the shots and see if there is a common theme between them.

Once you can identify the common theme, you will be able to string the pieces together. Even if you cannot develop one grand story, you can always tell multiple stories using all your shots.

Tip #4 Feature The Place More Than Yourself

Keep in mind that you are making a travel video. Your audiences are more interested in the place you are featuring rather than you.

Considering this, it is best to focus entirely on the location. You can feature several different cultural aspects, history, and even the locals.

What you should not focus on is the personal time you spent there.

The audience is most likely not interested in the parties you attended there.

They would rather know about the food you had and all the fun activities you participated in.

Tip #5 Photograph The Locals

The beauty of a country is in its people. If you can include the locals in your travel videos, you can create a connection with the viewers.

Nothing evokes human emotion better than human emotion. It would be best to take the permission of locals and take some candid shots.

Many video makers include shots of themselves playing with children in the country they visit.

Shots like these are excellent and make your content more relatable to the viewers.

Tip #6 Use The Best Editing Tools

Video editing is arguably the most challenging part of filmmaking.

The shooting is comparatively easier than going through several hours of footage to extract the best shots.

Before you can sit down to edit your videos, it would be best to convert all of them to a single format.

Movavi can help you in this regard, as they offer the best movie converting services.

All you have to do is download a movie converter from their website, and you will be able to convert your videos to a single format without any hassle.

Using this software will make your editing process significantly easier.

When editing your video, do not forget about the music.

Music truly helps put it all together.

If you are having trouble finding royalty-free music for travel videos, you can use Pixabay or Videvo to find all the cool tunes for your video’s background music.

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Photo by Rodrigo Pederzini from Pexels

Ending Note

All this talk of traveling might tickle the traveler in you. Life is short, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t travel.

Start saving money today and perhaps in a few years, people will watch your travel videos for inspiration.

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