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Delight your taste buds at the largest apple orchard in Georgia

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There can only be one largest apple orchard in Georgia and the happens to be Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA. It’s an orchard, bakery, restaurant, winery, cidery, store and a heck of a good time. A Georgia tradition since 1943, Mercier Orchards continues to be a family owned and operated orchard (love!).

When the kids were younger we loved taking them to the orchards to buy fall fruit, enjoy cider and donuts and have a fun day out as a family. Now that they are older they continue to visit orchards and I think they love the fall season as much as I do. It was a treat visit Mercier Orchards on my tour around northern Georgia. This is definitely an area I want to visit again soon. I hope you can go and enjoy all the Mercier Orchards goodness of the season.

Mercier Orchards

Growing almost 40 different varieties of apples you are sure to find a couple new ones to be family favorites.


  • Beni Shogun: very sweet and lightly crisp apple, yellow in color.
  • Arkansas Black: I would consider this an “antique” apple variety. It dates back to the late 1800’s and turns such a deep red color that it almost looks black.
  • Mutzu: Very large apple that is a Golden Delicious cross and is very sweet.
  • Splendor: Originates from New Zealand (still need to go there) and is a large apple colored red with a yellow background. It has a crisp and sweet taste.
  • York: Perfect apple for pies. Think of all the upcoming holidays and take home enough to bake pies, crisps and more for holiday parties.

Read about all Mercier Orchards apples and when they are in season here.
Mercier Orchards

U-pick apple season is well under way and is a great way to spend an afternoon. Of course, after you pick your apples, be sure to stop in the deli or restaurant for delish food and apple inspired desserts or a biscuit with apple butter (YUM!).

Don’t forget to enjoy some apple cider when visiting Mercier Orchards.

Mercier Orchards

Check out these views from the orchard. Row after row of trees with a nice scenic backdrop.

Mercier Orchards
Mercier Orchards

Shopping in the store is a must during your visit. Loads of fresh produce, canned goods, home decor and more. Be sure to have lots of room in your trunk and/or back seat to take home a lot of apple orchard goodness.
Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards

mercier orchards


largest orchard in georgia

Of course, my favorite stop is in the tasting room where you can try a selection of hard ciders and wines.
Mercier Orchards

Their taps are really awesome:
Mercier Orchards

You can find a list of their hard ciders and wines here. Their packaging is an absolute delight, but the product is also very delicious so really a win-win all the way around.

Take a day and visit Georgia’s largest apple orchard for a fun day out and be sure to eat an apple for me.

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