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Visit Louisiana’s Oldest General Store in Natchitoches – Kaffie Frederick

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Kaffie Frederick opened in 1863 in Natchitoches, Louisiana, the oldest European settlement in Louisiana. It was originally located a few blocks away from its current location which it moved to in 1892.

Store Front & Store Sign For Kaffie Frederick In Natchitoches, LA.

What You’ll Find Inside The Store:

Walking through the store is taking a step back in time. Part hardware, part gift shop, part museum, Kaffie Frederick is a unique attraction and a must when you visit Natchitoches.

Inside View Of Kaffie Frederick.

Stepping through the door of Kaffie Fredericks and knowing it’s been a part of history since 1863 is a really cool experience.

Imagine women in big hoop skirts walking through the store or farmers looking for parts to fix farm equipment.

It’s definitely one of those “if this building could talk” moments.

Directional Signs Inside Of Kaffie Frederick.

Think about it this way. The store opened right in the middle of the Civil War, lived through the Great Depression, World War 1, World War 2, the invention of electricity, telephones, automobiles, television and, most recently, a global pandemic!

Now, don’t you wish you could sit down with this building and have a chat?

Overview Of Inside Of Kaffie Frederick.

The store was remodeled in 1932 and there has only been one update since then.

Vintage Typewriter Located Inside Of Kaffie Frederick.

In my opinion, the most unique item in Kaffie Frederick are the two cash registers from 1917 and 1919. These registers are still used on a daily basis to ring up sales.

A sign informing guests that the elevator is original to the building & is still in use today inside Kaffie Frederick. The elevator can move approximately 2500 pounds & was installed in 1892.

There is also a platform elevator from 1892 that is used on a daily basis.

A gentleman standing behind a counter inside Kaffie Frederick which has vintage outdoor lamps behind the counter.

Be sure to look up high and on shelves behind the counter along one side of the store to see products from years past that the store used to sell. 

I’ve visited this store a couple times and I always see something new on my visits.

Christmas merchandise sold at Kaffie Frederick. In the photo is a light-up sign that says JOY (The color of the sign is red) and a garland banner that says Merry Christmas (The colors are cream and red)

During the holiday season there is a nice selection of Christmas decor upstairs, along with a selection of unique gift items and home decor.

The lower level offers customers everything from nuts and bolts to cast iron pans, kitchen ware and toys.

A Metal rooster(a dark brown color) for sale inside Kaffie Frederick.

Not going to lie, this chicken almost came home with me.

The Kaffie-Frederick building is considered one of the best preserved properties in the historic district and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When you are in Natchitoches be sure to stop in at Kaffie Frederick and say hi!

Learn more:

Kaffie Frederick website
Natchitoches Visitors Bureau


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