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Fun with the Canon G9X

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I took the Canon G9X to Europe with me this summer and it proved to be the perfect traveling companion. I knew going in that I wanted something small and lightweight, I was only traveling with a backpack, and it had to take great photos. The good folks over at Ritz camera recommended this gem and even let me borrow it for two-weeks to try it out.

canon g9x


  1. It’s compact. This easily fit into my purse and even my jacket pocket. At times I had to spend a few minutes digging through my medium sized day bag to find it. Compact was key for this trip and the Canon G9X did not disappoint.
  2. Good battery life. I think I charged the battery 2x during my two week vacation. Granted I wasn’t using it 24/7, but, in my opinion, the battery life lasted much longer than I anticipated.
  3. It’s got zoom. Zoom is the number one reason why I still take a camera on vacation. Smartphones do a great job of up close photos, but when it comes to getting some distance and/or pulling things up close you’ll want a camera for the job.
  4. Manual settings. If you are a DSLR user and love the ability to change aperture, shutter speed and ISO, but don’t want to haul heavy equipment with you this is the camera for you. The Canon G9X lets you manually adjust all settings for photos. If you’re a Canon user it’s pretty intuitive on how to do this.
  5. Photo Quality. The Canon G9X takes vibrant, crisp photos that you will be more than happy to show off to your friends. Also, at 20.2 megapixels you’ll be able to enlarge those photos to poster size without losing quality.

Canon G9X

From RITZ Camera website: Canon PowerShot G9 X 20.2MP Digital Camera: The Canon PowerShot G9 X has a sleek body with a 1” 20.2MP high-Sensitivigy CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor to help you take better photos in challenging conditions.

canon g9x

Here are just a few of the HUNDREDS of images I took with the Canon G9X:

If you are looking for a good quality camera that isn’t going to weigh down your day pack or suitcase, but still provides pretty images of your trip I recommend taking the Canon G9X!

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