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Try These 9 Unique S’mores Recipes

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Celebrate national s’mores day with one of these 9 unique s’mores recipes from Shari’s Berries. Just because summer feels like it might be winding down (I know, how DARE I even say those words) there is still plenty of time to make a delicious s’more over a campfire

I love how the creative way to make these s’mores. When we make s’mores at home we make them two different ways. Alan keeps to the original recipe of graham cracker, Hershey chocolate square, roasted marshmallow and topped with graham cracker.

I, however, like mine without chocolate but with peanut butter. Mine is graham cracker, a slab of peanut butter, roasted marshmallow and topped with graham cracker. Sounds delish, right?

Enjoy one of these s’mores after a tasty meal from the campfire.

Unique S'mores

Now that Shari’s Berries are sharing these unique s’mores I may have to change up how I’ll make my next s’more.

I think the sunshine s’more might be the first one I try to make. Anything lemon and white chocolate is a win in my book. I’m not sure I would add the lemon curd, but lemon cookies, roasted marshmallow, and white chocolate, maybe with a sprinkle of roasted coconut flakes.

The pb&c s’more caught my interest as well. I’d remove the chocolate peanut butter cup on mine, but leave it on Alan’s. I’d just replace the chocolate peanut butter cup with plain peanut butter.

Of course, we won’t go wrong with the savory s’more that uses flat pretzels and crispy bacon!

Ok, going to have to admit that I’d be willing to try most of these with just a slight variation.

What unique s’mores would you like to try first?

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