Worlds Most Expensive Food

Where To Eat The World’s Most Expensive Foods

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Have you ever wondered where you have to go to taste the World’s most expensive dessert? Do you know what exquisite meal makes it worth a visit to Santa Monica, CA? How about which country bakes bread loafs and then sells the for $35 a pound…a POUND?? I found this infographic and was completely fascinated by how much food sells for around the world. Read through the information below and prepare to be amazed on where to eat the world’s most expensive foods.

Find out how much mangoes sold for at an auction. I think the price will surprise you.

We all know that caviar is expensive, but wait until you find out how expensive.

Bacon is a favorite American food and is the basis for the world’s most expensive bacon sandwich.

I always knew saffron cost A LOT, but I didn’t realize how much “a lot” was until I read through the infographic.

The total bill for each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is shared. I thought dinner would cost the most….I was wrong.

What do you think is the world’s most expensive food??

The Most Expensive Dishes In The World: How To Plan The Pricest Meal Ever

What surprised you the most? What food do you want to try?

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