mom holding hand of newborn baby

Tips that can help improve your newborn baby’s photoshoot

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In the initial phase of the birth of a newborn baby, new parents wish to capture every moment on the camera. After all, saving memories is as important as creating memories. The newborn stage is a really short period that passes very quickly. That flaky skin, those puffy red cheeks, the extra rolls, the newborn hair, all disappear so fast. So capturing these fading memories with a camera can help parents and their children relive these moments in the future.

mom holding hand of newborn baby

Every photo has a story behind it. You must have heard amazing stories behind your childhood photos from your parents or grandparents. And when you come to know that, you find so much meaning and joy in it.

A newborn baby’s photoshoot is not a new thing. It was always there, but today the style of photoshoots has changed. Today, there is widespread use of fancy that has created a whole new buzz in the market.

So if you’re willing to get a baby photoshoot done for your toddler, here are some amazing tips that can dramatically improve the baby photoshoot.

Tips that can help improve your newborn baby’s photoshoot

Pick the right material and costume

Baby costume plays a crucial role in what the final photo will look like. So any wrong selection of outfit selection can bring down the quality of photos. Go for a natural material (cotton, wool, or silk) for a baby’s delicate skin, and pick bright colors and bold patterns as they add a new color and life to the photo.

Light up the area

A well-lit area can do wonders for baby photoshoots. If the area is dark, the photos will be grainy and blurry. However, if a photo is taken under direct sunlight, the results are not satisfactory. Many photographers suggest that to get the best photo, you need to find a window that doesn’t have direct sunlight streaming into it. Ideally, one that faces north or south would be nice.

Have your props ready

Adding props in the baby shoot can add life to the photo. Here, you can choose a variety of props like a bamboo square basket, wooden stool, stainless steel stand, red mini sleigh car, star-shaped or moon-shaped baskets, cake smashing tray, soft cushions, or pillows.

Baby toes

Get your baby to pose

Making your babies pose is the most difficult task. But here is a list of poses that can add magic:

  • Parents holding the newborn baby pose
  • Bum up tummy pose
  • Natural pose with soft toys
  • Newborn side pose
  • New baby holding feet in hand pose
  • Cradle pose
  • Newborn frog pose
  • Tushy up pose

These poses are simple and natural, which most of the parents prefer.

Get candid with the baby

Sometimes unplanned camera clicks are the best as they truly capture the naughtiness, playing mood, laughs, cries, and tantrums of the baby. There’s no right time for the click, so just keep taking shots, and maybe you’d find the best that you want. Also, this way, you can capture every gesture and emotion of the baby.

Talk with the baby

Well, you might think that why talk with a baby who would hardly understand your words? But babies respond quickly to sounds. They’ll tilt their head in the direction of the sound and hence, make the work of a photographer easy.

By following the above tips, you can make your newborn baby photoshoot shine. In case you feel that the photo doesn’t have much light, then don’t hesitate to edit. You can choose to hire a professional photographer or do it yourself to capture swoon-worthy newborn photos.


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