The Best Destinations in Spain for Foodies

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Spain is one of those countries on every food lover’s bucket list. Its cuisine is incredibly diverse and loved by people from all walks of life. Like most places, food is synonymous with culture in Spain, engrained in its history and a part of the country’s identity. Your foodie adventure in Spain will surely give you the experience of a lifetime.

To make the most of your adventure, refer below for a list of the best destinations in Spain for foodies, from the picturesque Andalusian city of Seville to the charming island of Tenerife.

1. Seville

Seville is a charming city in Andalusia, famous for its vibrant culture. And like most cities in Andalusia, it has excellent eateries on almost every corner serving mouth-wateringly delicious food, from Jamón Ibérico, a flavourful ham made from Iberico pigs to the divine Andalucian cheeses. So, if you want to experience an exciting culinary journey in Spain, head to Seville.

Visit one of Seville’s food markets to sample the tastiest local produce. In Mercado de Feria, enjoy the sights and smells of the bustling market, observe locals shop for the freshest fruits, fish, and cuts of meat, and grab a seat at one of the food stalls and give the local dishes a try, especially the grilled octopus served with fresh produce. If you want a taste of the famous jamon Iberico, head to Mercado de Triana. The market has over a hundred food stalls selling everything you can think of, including the tastiest jamon Iberico.

Your foodie adventure to Seville won’t be complete without visiting one of its tapas bars. Tapas are small savoury dishes served in a bar along with drinks. From small plates of olives to ham and cheeses, tapas are perfect with a glass of beer.

2. Menorca

Menorca may be famous for its beaches, but the Balearic Island is also a haven for foodies. It has a vibrant food scene where you are guaranteed to find everything you crave. In addition, there are lovely rental villas in Menorca, which offer the perfect place to relax after indulging in great food.

While there are some really delicious international restaurants in Menorca, you should not miss the chance to sample traditional dishes, such as caldereta de langosta or lobster stew. The main ingredient is the Mediterranean spiny lobster, famous for its sweet and buttery meat. Another Menorcan speciality to try is the Cabrit o lechona es forn, a sucking pig roasted whole on an open flame.

Of course, the best way to finish your meal is with divine sweet treats, such as Pudin de Requesón, a whey cheese pudding featuring a creamy combination of whey cheese, flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Another dessert worth a try is Flaó, a tender pastry made of local cheese, eggs, flour, and lard. With a rich flavour and fluffy texture, this cheesecake can become your favourite Menorcan treat.

3. Madrid

Whether it’s a traditional Sunday brunch with family or a gathering with friends at the best tapas bars, Madrid’s food culture is fascinating to explore. In Madrid, you’ll find an eatery on almost every corner, including small food stalls lining its picturesque streets.

There’s no better place to indulge in authentic Spanish food than the traditional markets. Exploring the bustling markets of Madrid is a great way to get a peek into local life while sampling the tastiest Spanish specialities. The most famous food market in the city is Mercado de San Miguel, with fantastic food stalls and shops selling fresh produce. Don’t miss the Galician oysters and grilled octopus with paprika.

When evening comes, check out one of the best tapas bars in the city. There are plenty of them in Madrid, but the good ones are those filled with locals. If you want to try Madrid’s legendary gambas al ajillo or garlic shrimp, visit La Casa del Abuelo, where the dish first originated.

For a sweet pick-me-up, visit one of the excellent bakeries, and order yourself all kinds of pastries, including churros with chocolate dip.

4. Barcelona

On your holiday to Barcelona, consider booking one of the luxury tours around Spain, perfect for those looking for a convenient way to explore the country. Whether you’re the type to splurge on world-class restaurants or hang out at authentic tapas bars, Barcelona offers an incredible gastronomic experience.

Start your adventure at Barcelona’s vibrant markets. From the hustle and bustle of the historic Boqueria Market to the small and cosy Mercat la Concepció, these markets offer the perfect setting to sample the best of Barcelona’s specialities. Everything you crave is in these markets, including the tastiest paella, a rice dish made with saffron, vegetables, and meat, served in an open pan.

Your foodie adventure in Barcelona won’t be complete without sampling the tastiest Catalan cuisines. While you can find these dishes in almost every restaurant in Barcelona, only locals can tell where the best ones are. Consider joining a food tour with a local guide who will take you to the best local restaurants serving authentic Catalan delights, such as escalivada, roasted veggies, and suquet de peix, a fish stew.

5. Tenerife

The largest of all Canary Islands, Tenerife lies on the northwest coast of Africa and is a popular hotspot for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Spain. While its beaches are its biggest draw, Tenerife is also a magnet for foodies who want to immerse in the island’s food culture.

Tenerife’s culinary cuisine consists mainly of typical Canarian food. You will find these foods in almost every restaurant around the island. These dishes consist mainly of fish, seafood, and local meats, prepared using locally grown produce.

One of the island’s staples is papas arrugadas. These are boiled potatoes served with their skin on and accompanied by a coriander-laced mojo sauce. Another dish to order is Care Fiesta, a traditional Canarian delicacy of cubed meats, such as pork, marinated in garlic and pepper sauce.

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