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A Stay At Hotel Greenfield of Greenfield Iowa

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Updated 8/2019

Greenfield, Iowa is a name you may not have heard before.  For an avid traveler, these little hidden gems are the best part of hitting the road.

Not only is Greenfield, Iowa a great destination, but it boasts a beautiful stay at Hotel Greenfield.

Reasons To Stay At Hotel Greenfield of Greenfield Iowa

Modern Amenities in a Historic Hotel

The Hotel Greenfield was built in the 1920’s in the midst of one of the hardest times in the U.S. history.

Despite the lack of funds during the WWI era, this hotel was built and has remained one of the largest commercial buildings in the area.

With a lot of history behind the structure and many stories to tell of the people that have passed through those walls, Hotel Greenfield is a historic hotel that has been modernized for today’s guests.

Discover Haunted Iowa when traveling through the state

Hotel Greenfield iowa

Today’s guest can enjoy the beautiful antique furnishings of a century ago, while still having their modern needs met.

With local fitness center passes, high-speed internet, an in-room coffee maker and microwave on hand, guests can enjoy the best of both centuries.

Greenfield iowa
Special Romance Packages Available

As with many of our favorite hotel destinations, the Hotel Greenfield is ideal for a business trip, short vacation, or a romantic getaway.

You can ask for a romance package for your next anniversary trip and find champagne, chocolate, and more in your room.

A historic hotel with modern amenities is the ideal location for a romantic getaway with your spouse.

Hotel Greenfield
Special Meeting Room and Event Venue

While most vacationers may not need a special meeting room, it’s ideal for those who are looking for a gorgeous event venue.

Hotel Greenfield can easily accommodate a wedding, reunion, or even a small party for friends and family or a work event.

Visiting Hotel Greenfield in beautiful Greenfield, Iowa is a great choice for anyone looking for a great midwestern getaway.  You’ll find an ideal location to learn a bit of history and enjoy modern amenities.

Hotel Greenfield iowa

Nearby you’ll find some fantastic roadside attractions that you won’t want to miss!

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