Winkler cookie tubes Morovian Cookie Trail.

How To Experience The Sweetness Of The Moravian Cookie Trail

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Have you experience the Moravian Cookie Trail in North Carolina yet?

I know there are so many great reasons to visit the Tar Heel State from sandy beaches, gorgeous mountains, to Krispy Kreme donuts, NASCAR, and moonshine.

However, they also have a rich culinary history with many “trails” to showcase the goodness and one of my favorites is the Moravian Cookie Trail in Winston-Salem.


The Moravians settled in this part of North Carolina more than 250 years ago when they left Eastern Europe and more specifically the Czech Republic. Fortunately for us they brought their rich cultural and food heritage with them.

Moravian cookies are the world’s thinnest cookie, packed with flavor and have become quite popular. The local bakeries roll out and sell more than a million pounds each and every year. 

My faves are the Moravian spice cookies, usually labeled gingerbread.

I’m pretty sure this could be the thinnest cookie on the market, yet the amount of flavor in each bite is fantastically impressive.

There are four bakeries along the Moravian Cookie Trail for you to taste and buy these delightful treats.

Here’s a fun fact about the cookies. In 2023 a bill was put forward to the state make the Moravian Cookie the North Carolina State Cookie. I’m so glad I live in a world where there are state cookies!!

Explore The Moravian Trail in Winston-Salem, NC

Winkler cookie tubes Morovian Cookie Trail.
(c)Winkler Bakery

Winkler Bakery In Old Salem

More than 200 years old the Winkler Bakery, located in the historic district, features the original wood-fired dome oven that has been baking up treats since 1800. Living history interpreters in period costumes welcome visitors, offer samples (YAY!), and explain baking techniques.

The Winkler cookie recipe is adapted and updated from historic versions originally baked in the wood-fired oven. 

Since the popularity of the Moravian Cookies has exploded they’ve had to move baking operations to a larger bakery down the road, but all the cookies and other baked goods are available at the location in Old Salem. 

Dewey’s Bakery

Baking cookies since 1930, Dewey’s is a popular locals bakery. Dewey’s Bakery is a household name, especially around holidays. Throughout the year you can find an array of confections and cookies, including Moravian cookies.

There are two bakeries located in Winston-Salem, but in November and December multiple locations pop up across the state each offering an array of Moravian cookies, sugar cakes, and cheese straws.

Dewey’s offers a key lime and meyer lemon tin that has my name all over it.

Moravian Cookie Trail

Mrs. Hanes’ Moravian Cookies

Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies is located a short drive from Winston-Salem. Public tours of this family-owned business give you a look behind the curtain and let’s you see the company in action. Nicknamed “Artists in Apron”, employees hand roll, hand cut, and hand package more than 110,000 pounds of dough each year.

I’m just saying, that’s a lot of cookie dough!

The basic dough is transformed into six flavors: sugar, lemon (Mr. Hanes’ favorite), black walnut, chocolate, butterscotch, and traditional Moravian ginger (my favorite)

If that wan’t enough to make you want to have a case shipped to your house, it was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s “favorites” in 2010.

Love and care goes into each cookie and it shows.

This family owned business was started by a husband and wife team, today, their daughter and son work to keep the tradition alive.

Wilkerson Bakery Moravian Cookies in glass jars
(c)Wilkerson Bakery — I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this packaging!

Wilkerson Moravian Bakery

Wilkerson Bakery has been rolling out cookies since 1925 and finally opened a brick-and-mortar Moravian bakery in 2021.

I love that there is another retail location to add to the Moravian Cookie Trail.

The store front location has traditional Moravian Sugar Cake and cookies available in six inspired flavors, including orange brandy (uh, yes, please!) and butter rum.

You’ll definitely want to add these to your list of cookies to try. All in the name of research, of course.

salem kitchen

Salem Kitchen

If you don’t have time to make the drive to Mrs. Hanes you can still delight your tastebuds with her cookies when you visit the Salem Kitchen.

This store is packed with all kinds of delicious gourmet foods and is a great place to stop and pack a picnic before heading out to a park.

Valle Crucis Mast General Store.

Mast General Store

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend a stop at Mast General Store. Of course, they have Moravian Cookies, but Mast is so much more.

They have anything and everything you may possibly want. From outdoor gear to women’s clothing to bulk candies and toys for kids.

A stop at Mast General Store happens every time we are near one. Honestly, one of our favorite stores in the south.

If you haven’t been to the original and first store in Valle Crucis it’s worth a trip to this rural community to visit it.

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