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3 Epically Fun Things To Do In The Black Hills Of South Dakota

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There is so much to do in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. Regardless if you are spending just a few days tor a week you’ll never run out of things to do.

A road trip through South Dakota can be filled our days with adventure and fun. These are just 3 of our favorite things to do. 


Don’t skip a visit to Jewel Cave National Monument. They have great guided tours and some gorgeous caves.

Note to visitors: there are a lot of stairs during this tour. Be sure your knees are in good shape!

Black Hills South Dakota

The visitor center and surface trails are open daily, but the real gem of this monument is underground.

Cave tours are ranger-guided and require a minimum of 2 visitors and are available at different times depending on the season.

It’s amazing that all that beauty is disguised under the ground.

If you are capable I really recommend taking the Scenic Tour. There are 723 stairs involved, but it’s well worth it.

There are other tours that are more accessible.

Black Hills South Dakota


We couldn’t visit the Black Hills without panning for gold.

We stopped in the small town of Keystone and pulled in to the first “gold panning” spot we found.

After a short demonstration we were set out on our to find gold.

We found two itty bitty pieces of gold, but still had a great time. It wasn’t about finding gold. It was about the experience.

Black Hills South Dakota


A visit to the South Dakota wouldn’t be compete without a stop at Mount Rushmore.

While some what interesting, it was one of those moments that we both thought was WAY overrated.

Black Hills South Dakota

Now, if you really love history you would probably enjoy a stop here, but for us it just wasn’t that interesting.

Black Hills South Dakota

What wowed us more than a stop at this park was driving the scenic route through the mountains and seeing the Presidents carved into the side of the mountain from afar. That really puts the size into perspective.

It was a jaw dropping moment for us.

Black Hills South Dakota

The gorgeous landscape of the Black Hills is just awe inspiring. We loved our visit there and we can’t wait to go back and visit again soon.

Black Hills South Dakota

There is so much more to do in the area.

It really is a great destination to take the family.

Forget the mouse in Florida and head to a destination that is real and fills curious minds with wonder and awe.

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fun things to do in the black hills of south dakota

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  1. Such a beautiful trip!!! I have never been there but know I want to go!

  2. What beautiful pictures. Lucky you to leave so close to a National Monument.

  3. I’ve never been there, but it would be great to go.

  4. very cool, I so want to travel to these great places. A distant relative ages ago was one of the carvers for Mount Rushmore!

  5. So cool!! I know you said that it wasn’t a “wow” moment but it’s neat that you got to see Mt. Rushmore!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful trip! I’d love to go there someday 🙂

  7. This is on our list to do this year!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh those are amazing Travels! I’ve always wanted to go there! What a neat experience! I bet your kids are cherishing it too! Well, at least they will cherish it later if not currently. 🙂

  9. Looks like a fun time! Good pics too!

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