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Zipping Through The Air At Grafton Zipline Adventures

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Ziplining has never held much appeal for me. I’m not a fan of heights or hanging from cables, but we (Alan, Em & I) were given the opportunity to experience ziplining first hand at Grafton Zipline Adventures and we decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss was about.

I’m going to admit that I was more than a little nervous. I was scared spitless. Alan & Em were a little nervous as well, but I think in a good way. We agreed to try at least three lines, at which point we could continue or take the “walk of shame”. I was really hoping that we would all love it.

Starting Our Adventure:


Walking out to the first platform everything looks great. Our fabulous guides go over the safety rules and its time to zip along to the next platform.

Of course, the first line was easy peasy…a mere 300 feet, you just leave one platform and you are at the next one. The next one is a bit longer at 700 feet, but still a nice ride along the line.

I could do these two lines all day long (hey, we aren’t all meant to be really adventurous). At this point I’m not quite sure what the appeal of ziplining is, but Em & Alan were absolutely loving it.

Line three is a bit longer at 1000 feet and after that run I’m pretty much done.

I zipped the three lines as promised, but I was not enjoying it all. Grafton Zipline Adventure employees are absolutely awesome though. They gently encouraged me to try the fourth line and even offered to tandem ride with me.

They really wanted me to finish the course, but they never made me feel bad for calling it quits. Their attitude and compassion made me love Grafton Zipline Adventures even more. Its the walk of shame for me, but Em & Alan stick with it and complete the entire course.

Em & Alan LOVE their ziplining adventure. They enjoy zipping along the lines and embrace the exhilaration of flying along the tree tops. They can’t wait to go again and Em has decided that she would love a job working for a zipline adventure company. I’m so happy they love it.

Grafton Zipline Adventures offers 7 lines that cover almost 2 miles and takes around 2 hours to complete. One thing I will say about zipping is that it is extremely easy. Just sit down, legs out in front of you with ankles crossed, and go for a ride.

Your hands stay on top of your brake and when you need to stop you just slide your hands back a bit and apply pressure, that’s it, easy peasy. Other than using your brake you never have to touch your equipment.

Just step up to the line and the employees hook you onto the cable and unhook you at the end.

If you love ziplining you need to add Grafton Zipline Adventures to your bucket list and give their lines a try. Besides Alan & Em, I spoke to lots of locals that have given the lines a try and everyone raves about how much fun it is.

If you have been debating on trying ziplining Grafton Zipline Adventures is the perfect place to give it a try. The first three lines give you a nice taste of ziplining so you can decide if you love it or not.
Know Before You Go To Grafton Zipline Adventures:

Location: 800 Timber Ridge Dr., Grafton, IL; just a short drive from St. Louis

Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m.- 6p.m.

Cost: $79 Sunday-Friday $80 Saturday

Contact: or 618-786-8439

In The Area: Be sure to stop by Grafton’s local wineries and gift shops!

*subject to change

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  1. We made the trek near St. Louis this summer and want to go back. This is something my teens would love to do and the older kids have done already and love. For us, it would be a great family outing. Not sure if hubby would do it as he is VERY afraid of heights…big tough guy he is. And me? Well, what kind of wife would I be to leave him behind? I’d keep him company with a beer in hand;) (I’d be too screeeerd too actually).Thanks for sharing and the fab photos!

  2. You might still love it. I spoke with a lot of people that are afraid of heights and they loved the lines at Grafton 🙂

  3. Well…I only completed 3 lines so I was fine the next day, but Em’s arms were just a little sore, Alan was fine.

  4. Looks like so much fun. I went on a zipline once when I was in jr high and loved it! I’d love to go again although I might be scared of heights now.

  5. I want to try this so badly. Were you sore the next day?

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