Great Quotes {part 1}

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I LOVE Pinterest. Love. It. There is so much creative inspiration there. I am always finding great quotes so I decided to share. I thought you might enjoy them as well.  There are so many good ones I’m going to break it into at least 2 posts.

Let me know which ones are your faves.

If you need a Pinterest invite please let me know and I will send you one, but be warned, Pinterest will suck you in and before you know it an hour or two has passed.

disclaimer: none of the quotes were written or artistically designed by me. i have give credit to the artist, if known, below each image.


I can not find a reference for this. If you know the artist please let me know so I can reference them.

ditto what was mentioned above…let me know.

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    I would love a pinterest invite! I really want one, but I don’t really know anyone with an account.

  2. Deb, these are wonderful. Guess I should spend some more time at Pinterest then ;-))) Miss you around the community and my blog. Wonder how you are doing. Love, Paula

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