Valentine Craft Love Banner

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Love Banner

I put this Love Banner together the other day and it was so easy to do I thought it would be a perfect valentine craft for older kids to complete. Of course, its just as fun for adults. The love banner looks so pretty hanging in my office.

It takes just a few simple supplies and can be finished in under an hour.

Love Banner


Felt–2 coordinating colors
Embroidery Floss
Ribbon Embellishments for top of banner
Mini clothes pins

A few notes: I cut everything out free hand and didn’t bother with measurements or perfection. Creating is just about that..creating, without rules.

The banner can be any size you want to make it. Mini, medium, large, It’s really up to you.


I’m sharing how I put mine together.

You may find an easier way that works for you. If your child isn’t comfortable with needle and thread there is fabric glue that would probably work just as well.

First, cut out the word LOVE (could also do Kiss, Mine, XoXo, etc) from felt. I just cut these our freehand, but you could use a stencil to outline the letter.

Love Banner

Next, cut out 4 triangle shapes from felt and using embroidery floss sew each letter to a triangle.

Love Banner

Sew embellishment along top of each triangle. I used white balls, but you can use whatever you have on hand (ribbon, glitter, etc)

Next, you’ll need to make a puffy heart. Cut two heart shapes out of one felt color and one smaller heart shape from another felt color. I also cut out a strip of tulle and gathered it to make a little pouf in the center of the heart.

Originally I was going to add the pink button to the center of it, but found a silver heart button that looks much better.

Love Banner

I used a sewing machine to sew the smaller heart onto the larger heart, but I would recommend sewing it on just like the letters are sewn to the banner. Sew the pink pouf to the center.

Valentines Day Craft for kids

Add you button or other found object to the center of the pouf.


Pin and then sew the two larger heart piece together. When you are almost done, stuff the heart with fiberfill and then sew closed.

Valentines Day Banner

Ta da! Your puffy heart is complete and you are ready to hang the banner.

Valentines Day Craft Idea for Kids

Using the mini clothes pins, clip your banner to a piece of tulle (can also use ribbon or cord) and then hang across mantle, wall, shelf, etc.

Valentines Day Craft Ideas for KIds

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  1. Great idea! I just love felt projects. They are both easy to do and affordable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. momma fargo says:

    Very great idea! You are so creative. Thanks for spreading the joy!

  3. Kristin Wheeler says:

    How pretty and OH SO crafty!!!

  4. what a cute and crafty valentines day banner.

  5. Crystal C says:

    This is great. I am pinning as well.

  6. We’re definitely making this!!

  7. This is so awesome! i am so pinning this. Great craft for the Vday holiday!

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