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Five good reasons to visit Bandung

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I’m always searching out fun new places to visit. When I’m not actually on the road traveling I’m at home doing some serious armchair travel to scope out far away places to visit “some day” Bandung is one of those places that have made the list. Bandung is getting increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world, and there are some good reasons behind. The city is simply beautiful surrounded by volcanic mountains and filled with tea plantations, thanks to the region’s fertility. Nicknamed the Paris of Java, it will remind you of the European cities.


The sprawling city will keep you entertained and filled with amazements what with its never-ending luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes, and lots more to do and see. You are making the right choice if planning to go to Bandung this season. I found some amazing holiday deals for stays at the very top resorts such as Grand Royal Panghegar on this site.

Wondering what other reasons, besides those mentioned above, why Bandung made my list and why you should add it to yours? Here’s 5 good reasons to visit Bandung, one of the most developed cities in Indonesia, sooner than later.


5 good reasons to visit Bandung

1. A coo and easily accessible city

The city is surrounded by the Parahyangan Mountains, and that makes the temperatures considerably cooler. Moreover, as the city is easily accessible and you can reach it via a 40-minute flight, it seems more lucrative. Short flight + cooler temps = one enjoyable and attractive city.

2. Walk through the jungles

Take a trek to Kawah Domas and go through the woods through the well-marked trails. You will love the natural sights around you and should keep your camera ready. Soon you will reach the three craters at Tangkuban Perahu.

3. The white crater -Kawah Putih

Do not miss to view the staggering beauty of the “white crater” in Indonesian that lies about fifty km south of Bandung. Gaze at the stunning pale turquoise lake and the picturesque view will simply leave you awestruck. As there is lots of sulfur in the air, do not forget to bring a mask and a jacket too as it can get chilly here due high elevation of the lake.

4. Go for strawberry hunting

Whenever you visit a Kawah Putih or any other volcano, you will notice the miles and miles of surrounding plantations, and this is because of the higher fertile soil because of volcanic residues that are very beneficial for plants. The strawberries fields are just a five-minute drive away from Kawah Putih, and you can take a basket for just five dollars and pick all the strawberries you want.

5. Indulge in good shopping

Head towards the Jeans street which is always crowded with tourists. This is the right place to get locally-made jeans as well as clothes from local designers at amazingly low prices. The extravagant facades of the Cihampelas Walk make for a colorful and memorable shopping experience. For those looking for something trendy and modern, head over to one of the malls closely. Just make sure you have enough room in your luggage to get everything home.

The fun in Bandung does not end here. After you are done with the volcanoes, trekking, and strawberry picking, you can ride on a magical looking horse to explore the region further. Bandung experience is not to be missed as it is fun and easy to enjoy. It is easy to get around here and the city is great for a short getaway.


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