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The Surprising Japanese Tastes Hidden in a Bokksu Box

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The Bokksu box arrived packed with Japanese snacks related to celebrating the cherry blossom festival. I love cherry blossoms and trying new treats from other countries.

Bokksu Box

The Bokksu Subscription Box is a win all the way around. Packed with delicious snacks that change monthly and are center around a particular theme.

Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack subscription.

Bokksu is totally in love with authentic Japanese snacks, which is why they handpick snacks that people in Japan actually eat and curate them into beautiful themed boxes every month.

When I opened my cherry blossom box I was delighted that everything was color coordinated in PINK!! Loved it. Great packaging will always win me over and Bokksu definitely did not disappoint.

Bokksu Box 8

Bokksu is also the only Japanese box subscription that includes a Tea Pairing specifically selected to complement that month’s delicacies as well as a Tasting Guide that describes the story and flavors of each item in the box.

Watch this video to see what I received in the box and watch me try a few of the treats!

YouTube video



Handmade Sakura Candy Bokksu Box

Handmade Sakura Candy

It’s sakura season, and we’re so excited to bring you this Handmade Sakura Candy made exclusively for Bokksu! Sakura in Japan symbolizes ephemerality and the fleeting quality of life.

Like the sakura that fades away at the end of the season, this candy dissolves lightly on the palette. Sweet and floral, cherry blossoms are harvested and prepared by pickling and drying the flowers in salt.

This traditional method preserves the vibrant color and flavor of sakura, which makes it perfect for candy and is why this Handmade Sakura Candy contains real bits of preserved sakura!

Sakura Chinsuko Bokksu

Sakura Chinsuko

This adorable Sakura Chinsuko cookie is shaped, flavored, and colored like a Japanese cherry blossom. Chinsuko is a traditional cookie from Okinawa and is a very popular omiyage (souvenir gift) in Japan.

It’s similar in texture to a shortbread cookie and carries delicate flavors like sakura well. The addition of real sakura leaves enhances the light floral flavor of this pink cookie.

Kakinotane Plum Shiso Bokksu box

Kakinotane Plum Shiso

Kakinotane is a classic Japanese snack mix of crescent-shaped senbei and peanuts. This mix packs a powerful punch of traditional Japanese plum and shiso (perilla leaf).

Sharp and a little spicy, it blends pickled plum, shiso, and paprika. The buttery peanuts perfectly balance the mix of dominant flavors.

Kakinotane is a kind of otsumami, and as such is typically enjoyed with beer.

However you choose to enjoy this snack, we’re sure you’ll be amazed by its incredible flavor.

Sakura Chocolate Crepe Bokksu Box

Sakura Chocolate Crepe

This delicate delight is one of our favorite spring-time treats.

We first tried this crepe last April, and loved it so much we had to bring it back! A wafer-thin crepe is baked and rolled up for crisp layers.

It’s then enrobed in a decadent coating of white-chocolate infused with powdered sakura petals for a richer flavor and color.

Sakura Mochi Bokksu box

Sakura Mochi

Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake made by pounding steamed mochigome (glutinous mochi rice). After being sweetened and flavored, it’s rolled in rice flour to keep it from sticking.

Mochi is a classic hanami(flower viewing) snack and is perfect for enjoying on a warm spring day beneath the cherry blossoms with a cup of green tea.

The mochi we’ve chosen this month is sakura-flavored just for this blossoming season!

Sakura Karinto Bokksu Box

Sakura Karinto

Karinto is a traditional fried dough snack popular throughout Japan.

While most times they take the form of a small cylinder, these karinto are small balls, which makes them perfect to throw in your mouth and bring on the road to a spring picnic.

Thanks to the subtle sakura addition, this karinto is less sweet than other karinto and allows the seasonally limited cherry blossom flavor to shine.

Koikeya Minit's Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum Bokksu Box

Koikeya Minit’s Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum

These thin crispy potato sticks are bursting with flavor! Like an ode to the Japanese plum (ume) tree, every bite carries the floral notes of plum blossoms, the sourness of umeboshi (pickled plum), and the earthiness of shiso(perilla leaves).

Hands down, this Japan-exclusive snack is the most addicting potato chip we’ve ever tried. Enjoy it under the blossoms of the ume tree, which blooms in early spring.

Ebi Crunch: Black Pepper Bokksu Box

Ebi Crunch: Black Pepper

The cousin to our Bokksu favorite, Ebi Crunch, this Ebi Crunch Black Pepper is equal in flavor as a mix of rice crackers and peanuts but packs even more heat with the concentrated punch of pepper.

This snack is the perfect accompaniment to your next happy hour beverage with their puffy frame and a generous helping of seasoning. Hanami (flower viewing) season is closely associated with people spending time with loved ones on soft blankets while watching the pink and white sakura falling from the trees.

During this time, many eat from bento boxes filled with delicacies such as ebi furai(fried shrimp), so we curated this snack to help you transport you to hanami season in Japan!

Cheese Okaki: Plum Flavor Bokksu Box

Cheese Okaki: Plum Flavor

This okaki (a type of rice cracker) from popular maker Bourbon is a long-time favorite in Japan that hasn’t stopped selling since the original flavor came out in 1984. This special plum flavor is seasonally exclusive for the spring hanami (flower-viewing) season.

The cracker itself features umeboshi (pickled plum), a popular tsukemono (pickled food) in Japan known for being very tart and salty. It’s not uncommon to find umeboshi gently placed on top of a bed of rice or in the center of onigiri (rice balls) in a hanami picnic bento.

This rice cracker has the bonus flavor from the cheesy center, which makes this snack the type of treat best enjoyed with a warm cup of green tea!

Spring Sakura Senbei Bokksu Box

Spring Sakura Senbei

This thin cracker has a lot of flavor going on: preserved sakura blossoms, mirin (sweet sake), and squid to name a few. In fact, squid is the main ingredient of this senbei.

Squid is a popular food in Japan during the spring and goes surprisingly well with the salty yet floral tang of the pickled sakura flowers. This uniquely Japanese flavor combination is captivating, so don’t let the squid scare you off!

Spring Gold Green Tea bokksu box

Spring Gold Green Tea

Celebrate the spring with this beautiful tea package designed exclusively for Bokksu and enjoy classic sencha tea to warm you from the inside out.

Sencha is a traditional steamed Japanese green tea and considered the most popular tea in Japan. This particular tea is exceptionally strong in flavor and is the perfect addition to any spring picnic party under cherry blossom trees.

For Bokksu Box Pricing check out their site! Also see the different themes they are doing.      

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