bbq pork poutine

BBQ Pork Poutine Recipe

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Years ago I was in Toronto and came across a delicious food called poutine. Of course, with my heritage anything with potatoes is going to be a very tasty recipe–I thank my European heritage. 

At the time, I was completely clueless about it and that left me puzzled since I’m Canada’s neighbor.

Needless to say, we have become well acquainted since then.

bbq pork poutine
Still not sure how something like this escaped my notice.

Although, after discovering poutine I’m wondering what other delicious foods I’m missing out on.

bbq pork poutine

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about poutine, in its most basic form, is french fries with cheese curds and brown gravy.

They can, however, be served with other toppings. I like topping them with  bbq pork, but I bet bacon would be tasty as well.

bbq pork poutine

I knew I was going to have to try making these at home. It really isn’t difficult I’d just never thought about putting these ingredients together.

  • Velveeta cheese (because it melts beautifully and can be chopped into a curd size) or you can use whatever cheese or cheese curds you prefer
  • French fries, your choice, but I’m a fan of Ore-Idea Crispers
  • Beef gravy
  • Ready to eat bbq pork (because some days I’m lazy like that)

Making it was a lot easier than I thought!

I kind of wish it would have been terribly time-consuming so I would never want to make it again.

Poutine is definitely NOT diet-friendly, but it’s so good it’s worth indulging in the extra calories on occassion.


2-4 ounces of Velveeta cheese, cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 bag of frozen french fries
1/2 cup of brown gravy
1/2 cup of bbq pork


bbq pork poutine

Bake french fries according to package directions. While french fries are baking cut Velveeta into bite size chunks, heat gravy and bbq pork according to package directions. Place a layer of fries on an oven safe plate.

bbq pork poutine

Top with cheese

bbq pork poutine

Then top with gravy

bbq pork poutine

Finally, add bbq pork

Repeat. Place back in 300 degree oven for just a couple of minutes to melt the cheese.  Remove from oven and enjoy.

bbq pork poutine

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  1. Oh, THAT sounds good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gadget Girl66 says:

    Try this:
    2 slices of Texas Toast, toasted
    1 hamburger patty grilled
    Fries, cooked & ready to go
    Swiss or mozzarella cheese (I like Gruyère)
    Brown Gravy
    Layer in the order listed, saving gravy for last. Place dish under broiler to melt the cheese. Top with hot gravy and serve! So good in the middle of the night, anytime really!

  3. Oh my! I have never heard of that either, but want to try it now!

  4. This looks like a great party appetizer. Or just a relaxing day at the pool:) Enjoy Life because it’s short!!!

  5. Heather McD says:

    Those look amazing and delicious! I want some!

  6. That looks quite delicious! And so easy too! I love how easy it is! My husband would love this!

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