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Santa Hat Holiday Punch Recipe

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It’s the time for celebrating, hosting, and partying. Hands down, one of the favorite times of the year.

And every party needs a good Santa Hat Holiday Punch Recipe and we’re keeping this one a bit more festive by making it with sparkling ater.

Photo of multiple glasses of the Santa hat holiday punch.

The Santa Hat Holiday Punch is a non-alcoholic drink so it should be perfect for everyone that attends your holiday parties.

If there are any lactose intolerant friends you can skip the whipped topping and they can still enjoy this tasty drink.

It’s incredibly easy to make this in a punch bowl and then add the whipped topping as you serve it or just leave a can of topping by the punch bowl for a do-it-yourself option.

Photo of a charcuterie board.

In addition to serving up the Santa Hat Punch, I’ll make sure I have a couple of Charcuterie  boards set out. Here are some ideas of items to put on a Charcuterie board:

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Olives and marinated vegetables
  • Smoked salmon or prosciutto
  • Grapes or sliced fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Hummus or dip (don’t forget the bowl)
  • Bread or crostini
  • Salami or Sausages
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Deviled eggs or deviled ham
  • Popcorn or chips
  • Antipasto items such as artichoke hearts or sun-dried tomatoes
  • Chutney or jam
  • Dried fruit and dark chocolate
  • Mini quiche or savory tart
  • Roasted almonds or spiced nuts
  • Baked brie or camembert cheese
  • Mini fruit tarts or fruit skewers

Remember to provide a variety of flavors, textures, and colors on your charcuterie board to make it visually appealing and interesting to eat.

Photo of Santa Hat Holiday Punch.

Santa Hat Holiday Punch Recipe


24 ounces cold Sparkling Berry Water
24 ounces cold Minute Maid Orange Juice
24 ounces cold Minute Maid Just 15 Calories Lemonade
24 ounces cold Minute Maid Berry Blend
Fat-Free Whip Topping

Servings: 12 8-ounce servings


In a large punch bowl, combine the orange juice, lemonade and cranberry juice. Mix well.

Add Sparkling Berry Water, gently combine. Add ice, if desired.

Ladle into cups and top with whip topping.

Sprinkle some colored sugar on top of the whip topping to make the drink a little more festive and jolly.

Serve immediately.

Personally I bought Dasani Sparkling Berry water (hello zero calories, NO artificial colors and no caffeine) and in a 12-pack at my local Walmart.

You can locate this item in the same aisle as the bottled water. Look for the purple box if you’d like berry flavored water. It is also available in lime, lemon, and black cherry.

I think you could easily use any of those flavors in my punch if you aren’t a fan of berry. Lime would probably be my second choice, but any will taste great.

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