When you go to the indianapolis you must visit the epic childrens museum

You’ll Never Believe What’s New At The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

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the new sports legends at childrens museum of indianapolis is a must visit!
(c)childrens museum of indianapolis

I have memories of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis as far back as I can remember. As a kid, the two-story high water clock that tells time with glass globes and tubes and blue water that greets you in the Sunburst Atrium was larger than life. As an adult, it doesn’t seem quite so large, but I still can’t tear my eyes away from the trickling water, anxiously anticipating the grand event when all the magic blue water drains out of the clock and starts all over again. It’s a staple at The Children’s Museum, but it’s only the very beginning.

Just beyond the clock, you’ll find the Fireworks of Glass climbing up through the floor. Surrounding this brilliant display of colorful blown glass are 12 major galleries that hold both permanent and temporary exhibits.

Just like the Tree of Life at Disney the Sports Legend Park at (c)childrens museum of indianapolis
(c)childrens museum of indianapolis

One of our favorite permanent exhibits is the ScienceWorks exhibit that has everything from a winding creek to a rock wall to a construction site, and so much more. Another favorite is the National Geographic Treasures of the Earth where the kids get to act as archaeologists and explore a shipwreck and piece together a mummy.

Okay, I’ll be honest, we haven’t gone into an exhibit we didn’t thoroughly enjoy. Going to China, sliding down a Chocolate Slide, starring in a Circus, and spending some time Beyond Spaceship Earth, made for some happy kids! And then, of course, there are special events which range from things like dance lessons and art classes to the chance to touch a mummified dinosaur and create a garden in a glove.

The new sports legend park at the childrens museum in indianapolis is a huge investment in the city and a must visit for families
(c)childrens museum of indianapolis

It’s been 93 years now that The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has been educating, fascinating, and awe-inspiring kids and grown-ups alike. On March 17, 2018, this legendary museum will open up their brand new facility, Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience for even more amazing hands-on experiences!

The Children’s Museum has partnered with the nationally ranked Riley Children’s hospital to create a 7.5-acre indoor and outdoor sports-related experience. The vision behind this initiative is to encourage people of all ages to not only get active, but to also get excited about getting active all while celebrating sports legends and Hoosier athletics!

There are 14 unique experiences to be had at the Sports Legends Experience. Start your day with a jog on the half-mile Jane and Steve Marmon Running Experience, or take a brisk walk along the Cory SerVaas Fitness Path and stop at the exercise stations. Or you can stroll hand-in-hand along the winding path of the Old National Bank Sports Legends Avenue of Champions, posing for pictures with life-size sculptures of various sports legends.

Take to the track in your very own indy 500 car.
(c)childrens museum of indianapolis

Feeling like a little golfing? The Pete and Alice Dye Golf Experience would make a great next stop. Play mini-golf or get some putting and driving practice in. Head over to Wiese Field to play some wiffle ball, then practice your racket swing at the USTA Family Tennis Experience. Don’t worry, football, soccer, or hockey fans! There’s experiences just right for you, too!

Of course, what is an Indiana sports facility without some basketball? Shoot some hoops at the outdoor mini-courts that graduate in size from toddler to adult at the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever Basketball Experience.

Of course there’s a motor speedway! It’s Indiana! Race each other in the human-powered slotted pedal cars in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pedal Car Racetrack Experience, or race against time in special slotted pedal cars in the Pedal Car Drag Racing Experience.

The sport legend park at the indianapolis chidrens museum is open late!
(c)childrens museum of indianapolis

You definitely won’t want to leave until you’ve scaled the heights of the Fantasy Tree House of Sports Climbing Experience. The grown-ups can munch on their snacks from the concession stand while the kids find themselves among giant pieces of sports equipment.

You cannot go wrong with a trip to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and their Sports Legends Experience. Join in with your kids and create lasting memories together!

Learn more at https://www.childrensmuseum.org

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