What To Do In Panama City, Florida For A Romantic Getaway

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We’re sharing our favorite way to spend a romantic weekend in Panama City, Florida. Step away from the bustling beaches and discover the hidden charm, culture, and culinary delights that Panama City has to offer. Go home with lasting memories and a new favorite destination.

In our opinion, a great romantic weekend includes doing all the fun things together while exploring a destination. From creating art to enjoying the water to relaxing at the spa.

Here is our recommendation of things to do for a romantic escape to Panama City, Florida.

Panama City Mural

Dolphin & Snorkel Tour

Head over to Flippin’ Awesome Adventures for a private dolphin and snorkel tour. Guided by marine biologist, Chris Farley, this excursion isn’t just about spotting dolphins; it’s about understanding and appreciating these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

 As you glide through the Gulf waters, Captain Chris will share insights and stories about local marine life.  If you’re lucky, you might catch a few dolphins putting on a playful show.

Panama City FL sunset.

Enjoy A Sunset Cruise

As the sun starts to dip below the horizon, take a romantic Sunset Cruise. Depart from Papa Joe’s Bayside on the Grand Mere. The sunset cruise might just be the highlight of your trip. Enjoy the gentle breeze, the colors of the setting sun, and each other’s company as you sail through the bay. If you’re really lucky you might even see a pod of dolphins playing 

Hot Glass Panama City, FL

Panama City Hot Glass

If you’re looking to infuse your weekend with a bit of creativity, head to Panama City Hot Glass.

Take a hands-on glass-blowing class to create a keepsake that will forever remind you of your trip. I had a great time creating a sea star and enjoyed the entire process. It’s amazing how a blog of glass shards can turn into a work of art.

Note, you’ll need to wear closed-toe shoes and make sure you follow the instructors directions because hot glass is no joke.  

Art Center Panama City.

Downtown Art Scene

Venture into the heart of creativity with a stroll through the Downtown Art Scene. Visit the Panama City Center for the Arts (19 East 4th Street) and immerse yourselves in contemporary artworks from local and regional artists. Take your time exploring the various galleries, discovering unique pieces that spark conversations and leave you inspired.

Four Seasons Spa irving


For a touch of pampering, schedule a visit to The Spa on Harrison (25 Harrison Avenue). Enjoy a relaxing massage or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment. The serene ambiance and skilled therapists ensure a tranquil experience, making it the perfect way to unwind together.

Dark Horse Fantasy Mural St Andrews

Mural Trail

Explore the city’s vibrant personality through the Mural Trail. Wander through the streets and alleys adorned with captivating murals that tell tales of Panama City’s rich history and cultural diversity. Don’t forget your camera – these murals are not just art; they’re perfect backdrops for capturing your romantic moments.

St Andrews Mural

Historic St. Andrews

Dive into the charm of yesteryears with a visit to Historic St. Andrews. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic district, exploring the art, history, and murals. Don’t miss a walk through Oaks by the Bay Park, where a giant 200+ year-old oak tree named The Old Sentry proudly stands, symbolizing Panama City’s unwavering resilience.

Hotel Indigo Panama City Marina.
(c)Hotel Indigo Panama City Marina

Stay at Hotel Indigo

Check into Hotel Indigo for your romantic getaway. This waterfront gem is not just a hotel; it’s an experience.

Newly opened in 2023, it boasts the distinction of being the only waterfront hotel in the city.

The rooms are adorned with modern comforts, and the amenities include not just one but multiple restaurants and bars, a fitness center, a pool, and chic meeting spaces.

The magic happens as you step outside, greeted by stunning views of the bay – a perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway.

Where To Eat in Panama City, FL

There are a lot of great breakfast options but we recommend The Press, which has a fantastic selection of crepes and coffee, in a great downtown location or, for waterfront dining, head over to Bayou Joe’s for it’s laid-back ambiance and “Old Florida” charm plus an amazing selection breakfast selection.

Our recommendations for lunch is either Finn’s in Little Village for fresh tacos, burritos, and quesadillas or El Weirdo for even more taco options. Hey, what can we say, we love tacos.

For dinner we have two great choices, both of which are waterfront so yay for that, Uncle Ernie’s is upscale casual and a perfect little spot for a romantic dinner or Harrison’s Kitchen, located next to Hotel Indigo, which has great outdoor waterfront dining and tasty bites. 

As always, there are so many more places to dine and you can see our full list of where to eat in Panama City here.

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