Sweet n Sour Chicken 30 Minute Meal

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What to make for dinner #kraftRecipeMakers #shop

This past week has been challenging. On Wednesday I received a call that my Dad had fallen and broken his hip and that he would be going to surgery immediately. To say I was a little freaked out is an understatement.

You see, my dad has always been very stubborn and even though he’s needed his hips fixed for years he’s refused. He always said that if he goes under the knife he’ll die so I was extra concerned that he wouldn’t make it out of surgery because the mind is a powerful thing and he may have convinced himself that he wouldn’t make it.

The good news is that Dad came out of surgery fine. The bad news is there have been numerous complications. After spending 5 days at the hospital I made the drive back home (2 1/2 hours away). I needed wanted to be home for a couple of days to catch up on work. I left my Dad in my Mom and sisters care so I’m quite confident he’s being well cared for at the hospital.

After a stressful week and a long drive back home I didn’t want to fuss with making anything too labor intensive for dinner plus I really didn’t have the energy to figure out WHAT to make for dinner. Luckily, Kraft Recipe Makers provided a quick and easy meal for the family in less than 30 minutes. It is seriously one of the easiest meals to make and was exactly what my weary body and mind needed.

What to make for dinner #kraftrecipemakers #shop

Kraft Recipe Makers provides the sauce and seasoning, you provide the fresh ingredients. The Sweet and Sour Chicken required a small red onion, a red pepper (I used orange because red wasn’t available) and chicken. That’s it.

What to make for dinner #KraftRecipeMakers-3 #shop

Dice the chicken into bit size piece and saute with half of the Sesame Ginger sauce.

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When the chicken is cooked through, add the vegetables and the remaining Sesame Ginger sauce. Continue cooking until the veggies are done. The recipe directs you to cook approximately 4-6 minutes. I cooked mine just a bit longer so the veggies weren’t as crunchy.
Quick Family Meals #KraftRecipeMakers #shop

When the veggies were done I added the pineapple and the Sweet and Sour Finishing Sauce and cooked until it was heated thoroughly approximately 1-2 more minutes.
Quick Family Meals #KraftRecipeMakers #shop

Serve over rice. If you start the rice at the same time as the chicken everything will be done at the same time.

Dinner tonight #KraftRecipeMakers #shop

I added some crispy rice noodles to the top of the dish for some added yummy crunch.

Dinner Tonight #KraftRecipeMaker #shop

These meal kits are great for quick family meals. Alan, Em and I all had a serving and there is enough left for Em & I to have leftovers for lunch. We all really enjoyed the Kraft Recipe Makers Sweet and Sour Chicken and it’s definitely something that I’ll make again. If you are looking for a quick and easy meal check out Kraft Recipe Makers. They are available in both stovetop and slow cooker varieties.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad but am glad that he is okay! Looks like you made a delicious dinner. Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. Danielle @ We Have It All says:

    Yum! Looks so easy to make too!

  3. I’m adding this to my grocery list, now. My husband and I love sweet and sour chicken!

  4. Thanks Dusty, He still has a ways to go before he can leave the hospital. This is when it’s tough living so far away.

  5. Oh my! My mouth is watering! I love sweet & sour! This would be a perfect dinner for my husband and me! thank you so much! I look forward to making this!

  6. Shannon (The Mommy-Files) says:

    Sounds like an easy and yummy recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mistee Dawn says:

    That really looks amazing. So yummy looking. Will have to make it sometime in the near future.

  8. Sweet n Sour chicken is a fave of my daughter and my husband, and with this one I’m a fan of how fast it is to put together!! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Grace Hodgin says:

    I love this and it looks like something great to have for supper one night this week.

  10. Can we say MMM, MMM, Good! Looks delicious, I have seen these but passed them up, not anymore after seeing this post. I hope and pray your Dad is on the road to recovery!

  11. Jennifer Williams says:

    I have seen those in the stores and wondered if they were good. I will have to check out their flavors on my next visit and maybe pick one up.

  12. Miranda Sherman says:

    Wow that looks super easy and absolutely drool worthy! I will be adding this to my recipe book for sure!

  13. I love this! So easy for a weekday night. I’m sorry to hear about your dad ūüôĀ I hope he’s better!

  14. I love this! I must find that sauce in my local store, sesame ginger sounds delish!

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